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  1. promontory
  2. solicitous
  3. recourse
  4. flaunt
  5. prodigal
  1. a (n.) a person or thing turned to for help or advice; the act of seeking help or protection
  2. b (adj.) showing concern or care; fearful or anxious about someone or something
  3. c (adj.) wastefully extravagant; lavishly or generously abundant; (n.) one who is wasteful and self-indulgent
  4. d (v.) to wave or flutter showily; to display in a conceited, offensive way
  5. e (n.) a high point of land extending into water

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  1. (n.) nearness, closeness
  2. (v.) to exclude from a group, banish, send away
  3. (v.) to ground or pound to a powder or dust; to destroy or overcome (as though by smashing into fragments)
  4. (n.) an imperfection, flaw, or blemish of some kind; (v.) to desert a cause or organization
  5. (v.) to read thoroughly and carefully

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  1. sequel(n.) that which follows, a result; a literary work or film continuing the story of one written or made earlier


  2. nonentity(adj.) able to hold, keep, or recall; retaining knowledge easily


  3. anguish(n.) great mental suffering, distress, or pain; (v.) to be deeply tormented by pain or sorrow


  4. apparition(n.) a ghost or ghostly figure; an unexplained or unusual appearance


  5. qualm(n.) a pang of conscience, uneasiness, misgiving, or doubt; a feeling of faintness or nausea


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