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  1. aghast
  2. ostracize
  3. facetious
  4. proximity
  5. frivolous
  1. a (adj.) humorous, not meant seriously
  2. b (adj.) of little importance, not worthy of serious attention; not meant seriously
  3. c (n.) nearness, closeness
  4. d (v.) to exclude from a group, banish, send away
  5. e (adj.) filled with amazement, disgust, fear, or terror

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  1. (v.) to feel or express regret or disapproval
  2. (adj.) elaborately decorated; showily splendid
  3. (v.) to add gradually; to introduce or cause to be taken in
  4. (v.) to crouch or shrink away from in fear or shame
  5. (n.) forewarning or foreboding of a future event

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  1. bask(v.) to be in, or expose oneself to, pleasant warmth; to take pleasure in or derive enjoyment from


  2. jurisdiction(n.) an area of authority or control; the right to administer justice


  3. defect(n.) an imperfection, flaw, or blemish of some kind; (v.) to desert a cause or organization


  4. blasé(adj.) indifferent, bored as a result of having enjoyed many pleasures; apathetic


  5. repercussion(n.) an effect or consequence of some action or event, result; an echo or reverberation


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