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  1. prone
  2. forthright
  3. rehabilitate
  4. promontory
  5. premonition
  1. a (n.) forewarning or foreboding of a future event
  2. b (adj.) lying face down; inclined, likely
  3. c (v.) to make over in good form; to restore to good condition or to a former position
  4. d (n.) a high point of land extending into water
  5. e (adj.) frank, direct, straightforward

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  1. (adj.) showing concern or care; fearful or anxious about someone or something
  2. (adj.) of little importance, not worthy of serious attention; not meant seriously
  3. (adj., part.) embarrassed, ashamed, or nonplussed
  4. (v.) to support, nourish, keep up; to suffer, undergo; to bear up under, withstand; to affirm the validity of
  5. (n.) a pen name, name assumed by a writer

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  1. qualm(n.) a pang of conscience, uneasiness, misgiving, or doubt; a feeling of faintness or nausea


  2. residue(n.) a remainder, that which remains when a part has been used up or removed


  3. flaunt(v.) to remove, drive out of a position or place


  4. aloof(adj.) withdrawn, standing apart from others (usually as a matter of choice)


  5. purge(v.) to wash away impurities, clean up; (n.) the process of getting rid of something or someone decisively


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