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  1. rue
  2. incessant
  3. glib
  4. antidote
  5. strident
  1. a adj. harsh and grating; loud shrill
  2. b adj. going on without interruption; continual
  3. c v. to feel regret or sorrow over
  4. d n. a remedy that relieves the effects of a poison
  5. e adj. marked by an ease in speaking or writing that often shows lack of concern or sincerity

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  1. adj. having a sharp taste or smell
  2. n. anything that offers relief from an undesirable condition
  3. adj. expressing strong feeling; intense
  4. v. to urge with gentle and repeated requests; to coax
  5. v. to relieve or make more bearable

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  1. bedlamn. a very confused or noisy scene


  2. pungentadj. sharply critical; painfully direct


  3. immaculatev. to give in too easily to the wishes of


  4. indulgeadj. inclined to give in easily; lenient


  5. pittanceadj. having a sharp taste or smell


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