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  1. sonarse (ue) la nariz
  2. lastimarse el hombro
  3. el asma
  4. estar deprimido/a
  5. la intoxicación por alimentos
  1. a to feel depressed
  2. b food poisoning
  3. c to blow one's nose
  4. d asthma
  5. e to hurt one's shoulder

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  1. to cut one's finger
  2. asprin
  3. flu shot
  4. to be bruised
  5. to sneeze

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  1. padecer deto feel dizzy, seasick


  2. la migraña/la jaquecato fracture one's wrist


  3. golpearse la rodillato break one's leg


  4. el insomnioasthma


  5. enyesar el brazoto put one's arm in a cast


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