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  1. secondary colors
  2. frequency
  3. refraction
  4. visible spectrum
  5. velocity
  1. a orange, green, and purple
  2. b The range of light energy that people can see
  3. c the speed and direction of a moving object
  4. d how many waves pass by a fixed point in one second
  5. e the bending of a ray of light

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  1. the electromagnetic spectrum
  2. reflection off of rough surfaces
  3. in the retina, cones can sense color, unlike rods
  4. the angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection
  5. the distance between 2 crests or 2 troughs of 2 waves

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  1. nomenclature of the EM spectrumThe range of light energy that people can see


  2. ray tracingthe tracing of a ray


  3. lenspart of eye that focuses light


  4. virtual imagea reflected optical image; see "inverted image"


  5. dispersionthe scattering of light


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