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  1. convex
  2. frequency
  3. prism
  4. the Law of Reflection
  5. concave
  1. a how many waves pass by a fixed point in one second
  2. b curving or bulging outward toward an object
  3. c curving or bulging inward away from an object
  4. d a solid object that bends light
  5. e the angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection

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  1. the white of the eye
  2. a reflected optical image; see "inverted image"
  3. The range of light energy that people can see
  4. the distance from a lens to its focus
  5. reflection off of smooth surfaces

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  1. velocitythe speed and direction of a moving object


  2. inverted imagea reflected optical image; see "inverted image"


  3. irisa solid object that bends light


  4. human color sensitivitythe reflecting of colors


  5. primary colorsorange, green, and purple


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