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WWII part 2 Test

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  1. Mengela
  2. Two pronged attack on Pacific Ocean
  3. Utah Beach
  4. Yalta
  5. Battle of Okinawa
  1. a The beach we took because we needed a major port
  2. b Battle where American planes involved in Marianas Turkey Shoot. American Bombers crippled a few of the carriers. The fleets never attacked each other
  3. c Russian City where FDR, Churchill, and Stalin met
  4. d Nazi who would conduct experiments on the Jews
  5. e Allied Pacific Attack
    one prong attacks from Solomon to New Guinea to Philipines
    Other prong attacks Tarwa

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  1. Region we took. 3000 Americans died
  2. leader of propoganda and PR for the Holocaust
  3. Hitler was asleep and ordered that no one would wake him up
  4. Battle where many American lives are lost
  5. Big drop on Japanese morale because they boasted it would never be taken. Japs in foxholes still

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  1. Battle of the BulgeFirst Allied Battle in a big city. High civilian death toll and the point where Japan basically lost the war


  2. Mulberry Channelthe body of water that D-Day was launched over


  3. The Fall of BerlinThe invasion of Normandy


  4. Tarwa Atollisland that we attacked; ships could not land because of coral reef; we thought it would be a breeze but it was very well defended; only 17 out of 3000 japs surrendered


  5. HimmlerLeader of the concentration camps; tried to make the killings much more efficient


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