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  1. Swastika
  2. Kokoda Trail
  3. Iwogima
  4. Yalta
  5. How Americans transported their supplies
  1. a Hindu Symbol
  2. b where cannibalism was reported. When ALlies pushed Japanese through it, foliage and disease were major problems
  3. c Russian City where FDR, Churchill, and Stalin met
  4. d had floated 140 giant slabs of concrete across the channel and picked them up late
  5. e Volcanic Island we had been bombarding for quite a while. Very deadly battle for Alllies; we did win though. First Japanese Soil that we took

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  1. The beach we took because we needed a major port
  2. Nazi who would conduct experiments on the Jews
  3. Battle where Americans ran into 10,000 Japanese Troops. 4 out of 10 Americans wounded or killed but we won
  4. First Allied Battle in a big city. High civilian death toll and the point where Japan basically lost the war
  5. Big drop on Japanese morale because they boasted it would never be taken. Japs in foxholes still

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  1. HimmlerIsland that was taken without much trouble and still owned by US


  2. George PattonAmerican General. Germans think he will lead invasion so they plan it out wrong. In truth he leads a legion of inflatable tanks.


  3. Two pronged attack on Pacific OceanAllied Pacific Attack
    one prong attacks from Solomon to New Guinea to Philipines
    Other prong attacks Tarwa


  4. Saipamgroup of islands that was taken pretty easily


  5. mindkampfbook where hitler is extremely blatant about his need for Jewish Extermination


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