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  1. Guam
  2. Battle of the Bulge
  3. PLUTO
  4. How Americans transported their supplies
  5. Palau Islands Battle
  1. a Pipe
    it is the system of water that we had been floating across the channel
  2. b had floated 140 giant slabs of concrete across the channel and picked them up late
  3. c Battle where Americans ran into 10,000 Japanese Troops. 4 out of 10 Americans wounded or killed but we won
  4. d Where they attacked the Germans through the Ardennes Forest. Last major battle before Soviets take Berlin
  5. e Island that was taken without much trouble and still owned by US

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  1. Russian City where FDR, Churchill, and Stalin met
  2. Volcanic Island we had been bombarding for quite a while. Very deadly battle for Alllies; we did win though. First Japanese Soil that we took
  3. Battle where many American lives are lost
  4. Tojo never surrenders. Emperor announces surrender over the radio after the droppings of the atom bombs.
    One condition to surrender: keep emperor
  5. Nazi in charge of the design of the concentration camps. Israelis hunt and kill him

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  1. Reason for Germany's slow response to D-DayAllied Pacific Attack
    one prong attacks from Solomon to New Guinea to Philipines
    Other prong attacks Tarwa


  2. Omaha BeachThe beach in the beginning of Saving Private Ryan. This is where 5 out of every 6 american troops are killed. The tanks were landed in a completely different place


  3. SwastikaRegion we took. 3000 Americans died


  4. Kokoda Trailwhere cannibalism was reported. When ALlies pushed Japanese through it, foliage and disease were major problems


  5. Operation OverlordThe invasion of Normandy


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