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  1. Omaha Beach
  2. Two pronged attack on Pacific Ocean
  3. mindkampf
  4. How Americans transported their supplies
  5. Battle of the Bulge
  1. a had floated 140 giant slabs of concrete across the channel and picked them up late
  2. b Where they attacked the Germans through the Ardennes Forest. Last major battle before Soviets take Berlin
  3. c book where hitler is extremely blatant about his need for Jewish Extermination
  4. d Allied Pacific Attack
    one prong attacks from Solomon to New Guinea to Philipines
    Other prong attacks Tarwa
  5. e The beach in the beginning of Saving Private Ryan. This is where 5 out of every 6 american troops are killed. The tanks were landed in a completely different place

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  1. Where the Soviets take Berlin. Russians lost most people in the war and Churchill wanted them to lose war so they earned that right
  2. Hitler was asleep and ordered that no one would wake him up
  3. The invasion of Normandy
  4. group of islands that was taken pretty easily
  5. American General. Germans think he will lead invasion so they plan it out wrong. In truth he leads a legion of inflatable tanks.

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  1. MengelaNazi who would conduct experiments on the Jews


  2. HimmlerRussian City where FDR, Churchill, and Stalin met


  3. Palau Islands Battleisland that we attacked; ships could not land because of coral reef; we thought it would be a breeze but it was very well defended; only 17 out of 3000 japs surrendered


  4. Mulberry Channelthe body of water that D-Day was launched over


  5. Adolf IkemanVolcanic Island we had been bombarding for quite a while. Very deadly battle for Alllies; we did win though. First Japanese Soil that we took


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