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  1. perfunctory
  2. importune
  3. fetish
  4. unregenerate
  5. discomfit
  1. a (v.) to frustrate, thwart, or defeat; to confuse, perplex, or embarrass
  2. b (v.) to trouble with demands; to beg for insistently
  3. c (n.) an object believed to have magical powers; an object of unreasoning devotion or reverence
  4. d (adj.) persisting in holding obstinately to old ideas or habits; unrepentant, unreformed
  5. e (adj.) done in a superficial or halfhearted manner; without interest or enthusiasm

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  1. (adj.) no longer in existence or functioning, dead
  2. (adj.) incapable of being repaired or rectified
  3. (adj.) given to lying or deception; untrue
  4. (n.) the lowest point
  5. (v.) to insert between other parts or things; to present as an addition or correction

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  1. hapless(adj.) marked by a persistent absence of good luck


  2. aesthetic(adj.) pertaining to beauty; sensitive or responsive to beauty


  3. gregarious(adj.) living together in a herd or group; sociable, seeking the company of others


  4. laconic(n.) the lowest point


  5. tantamount(adj.) given to lying or deception; untrue


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