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  1. chiaroscuro
  2. diminution of value
  3. white
  4. plane
  5. rhythmn
  1. a The distribution of light and dark in a picture. From the Italian 'chiaro' for clear or light and 'oscuro' for obscure or dark
  2. b a series of visual elements that show order or near order by repeating themselves in a regular or irregular way
  3. c The act or process of diminishing value, by way of its recession in space, to an overall darker or lighter state.
  4. d is the totality of light where all rays are reflected (subtractive)
  5. e A continuous surface limited by edges

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  1. Blobby shapes, reminiscent of single-cell creatures such as amebas, derived from organic or natural forms
  2. the movements you see in a composition after study, that support the dominant or subdominant structure
  3. the space that the subject of an artwork or the space before the subject, inhabits. Often times the actual viewpoint of the image inhabits the foreground of the image.
  4. the proportion and arrangements of lights and darks in a composition
  5. Shapes based on the sinuous organic shapes found in nature.

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  1. geometric shapesSimple mechanical shapes defined by mathematical formulas, which can be produced using the implements found in geometry sets: triangles, rectangles, and circles


  2. highlightis the totality of light where all rays are reflected (subtractive)


  3. designThe intentional arrangement of visual elements on which artists base their work. It is often synonymous with the term composition.


  4. hatchingState of order, visual unity, agreement or asthetically pleasing relationships among the elements of a whole


  5. two-point perspectiveA system of spatial illusion based on the convergence of parallel lines at a single vanishing point, usually on the horizon; only appropriate to interiors or vistas. Within one-point perspective vertical lines remain vertical to the picture plane and horizontal lines remain horizontal to the picture plane


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