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  1. plane
  2. diminution of value
  3. visual textures
  4. geometric shapes
  5. design
  1. a the illusion of texture created by the skill of the artist, also called illusion or haptic texture
  2. b The intentional arrangement of visual elements on which artists base their work. It is often synonymous with the term composition.
  3. c Simple mechanical shapes defined by mathematical formulas, which can be produced using the implements found in geometry sets: triangles, rectangles, and circles
  4. d A continuous surface limited by edges
  5. e The act or process of diminishing value, by way of its recession in space, to an overall darker or lighter state.

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  1. Occurs when opposing or interacting forms are out of equilibrium in a composition
  2. Where the creation of elements, or their combination produces a objective or non-objective figure or field against a ground.
  3. the distillation of the image to the basic essentials for clarity of presentation
  4. where the artist fools you into thinking that all or part of a painting is the real thing, from the French for "decieves the eye". Objects are often in sharp focus and depicted in meticulous detail
  5. Differences achieved by opposing, contrasting, changing, elaborating, or divesifying elements in a composition to add individualism and interest; the counterweight of harmony in art

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  1. value distributiona departure from the accepted perception of a from or object, often manipulating conventional proportions


  2. approximate symmetryHaving unlike, or non-corresponding appearances- "without symmetry."


  3. implied lineImplied lines (subjective lines) are those that dim, fade, stop, and/or disappear. The missing portion of the line is implied to continue and is visually completed by the observer as the
    line reappears.


  4. curvilinear shapesA formless and indistinct shape without obvious edges, like, for example, a cloud.


  5. backgroundin a landscape, the space we see in the distance--the sky, mountains, or distant hills. In a still life or interior portrait, it is the area behind the subject


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