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  1. line
  2. rhythmn
  3. negative space
  4. mid-ground
  5. biomorphic shapes
  1. a The unoccupied area of a composition. Often areas of negative space or shapes are just as active or more active than the positive space in works of design and art.
  2. b The path of a moving point that is made by a tool, instrument, or medium as it moves across an area. A line is usually made visible because it contrasts in value with its surroundings
  3. c in a landscape, the space between the foreground and background: trees. bushed, and buildings, for example
  4. d a series of visual elements that show order or near order by repeating themselves in a regular or irregular way
  5. e Blobby shapes, reminiscent of single-cell creatures such as amebas, derived from organic or natural forms

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  1. the dominant structure or organization of a composition in which all the elements conform to.
  2. A visually perceived area defined by value, line, color, texture, and/or space. Shapes can be organic, geometric, abstract, representational, complex or simple.
  3. Repetition of an element, unit or motif in a regular and anticipated sequence, with some symmetry.
  4. A mathematical system of representing three-dimensional objects on a two-dimensional surface. The effect is the same as if the actual scene were viewed form a given point, the objects appearing three- dimensional and receding in depth with the same space relationships. Perspective has three different view-points: one, two and three point perspective.
  5. Elegant, decorative writing. Lines used in artworks that possess the qualities found in this kind of writing may be called "calligraphic" and are generally flowing and rhythmical

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  1. closed compositionThe placement of elements in a composition so that they imply completion beyond the boundary of the picture plane, or give the appearance of infinite space


  2. amorphous shapesA formless and indistinct shape without obvious edges, like, for example, a cloud.


  3. planeA continuous surface limited by edges


  4. chiaroscuroThe distribution of light and dark in a picture. From the Italian 'chiaro' for clear or light and 'oscuro' for obscure or dark


  5. assemblagea three-dimensional form of collage with bulky 3D objects added to the painted surface


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