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  1. frame of reference
  2. unbalanced forces
  3. velocity
  4. deceleration
  5. Law of Conservation of Energy
  1. a energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can only change form
  2. b the measurement that combines speed and direction of a moving object
  3. c a group of objects from which you can measure a position or motion; starting place for directions
  4. d when a force causes an object to change its motion
  5. e negative acceleration or decreasing speed

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  1. the change in velocity over time; change divided by time
  2. also known as joules; measuring work and energy
  3. air resistance; broad, flat surfaces have the most
  4. the location of an object
  5. the measurement of the energy used to perform a task;

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  1. momentumthe product of mass multiplied by velocity


  2. frictiona force that opposes the motion of one object moving past another; heat is created


  3. energyability to perform work or to change an object


  4. kinetic energyenergy of a moving object


  5. motiona change in position over time; has two parts - distance and direction


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