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Barrons GRE Wordlist 4,759 words Test

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  1. trident
  2. oaf
  3. infallible
  4. quip
  5. sedition
  1. a taunt; clever sarcastic remark; V.
  2. b unerring; never making mistakes
  3. c three-pronged spear
  4. d stupid awkward person; CF. elf
  5. e conduct or language inciting rebellion; rebellion; resistance to authority; insubordination; ADJ. seditious

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. reject with rudeness or coldness (an offer or friendship); drive back (an enemy attack); CF. repulse $\neq$ cause repulsion
  2. abnormal or deviant
  3. scrupulous; through and careful; Ex. conscientious worker
  4. flexible; pliant; slender; CF. willow
  5. small poor bed; Ex. straw pallet

5 True/False Questions

  1. scrimmagespying


  2. monolithicgaiety; cheerfulness; ADJ. jolly: merry; gay


  3. boonblessing; benefit; something very helpful


  4. indecisiondeceive; lead astray by deception; wheedle(cajole); Ex. inveigle her into joining the club; CF. interest dishonestly


  5. quiescentstrong abrupt rush of wind; V. CF. bluster


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