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  1. jocular
  2. dissolution
  3. arbitrary
  4. ursine
  5. schism
  1. a bearlike; pertaining to a bear
  2. b unreasonable or capricious; random; tyrannical; Ex. arbitrary ruler
  3. c said or done in jest or playfully; marked by joking
  4. d disintegration; reduction to a liquid form; looseness in morals; sensual indulgence; debauchery; ADJ. dissolute: lacking in moral restraint; leading an immoral life
  5. e division into factions (esp. within a religious body); split

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  1. assist usually in doing something wrong; encourage
  2. act of using one's will; act of making a conscious choice; Ex. She selected this dress of her own volition.
  3. daily domestic task (such as cleaning, cooking, and shopping); unpleasant task
  4. divided into classes; arranged into strata; V. stratify
  5. report; record (in chronological order)

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  1. topplebecome unsteady and fall down


  2. muskytrip especially one taken for pleasure by an official at public expense


  3. sleightdexterity; CF. sleight of hand: legerdemain; quickness of the hands in doing tricks


  4. abdicaterenounce; give up (position, right, or responsibility)


  5. traduceexpose to slander


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