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  1. sophist
  2. coax
  3. insomnia
  4. correlate
  5. spatula
  1. a teacher of philosophy; quibbler; employer of fallacious reasoning; N. sophism: plausible but fallacious argument
  2. b persuade by flattery
  3. c either of the correlated things; V.
  4. d broad-bladed instrument used for spreading or mixing
  5. e wakefulness; inability to sleep

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  1. be unfaithful; reveal (unconsciously or unwillingly); Ex. Her trembling hands betray her anxiety.
  2. natural inclination
  3. messenger
  4. switch (a railroad car) to a siding; divert from a main issue; N. CF. siding: short section of railroad track connected by switches with a main track
  5. poisonous; N. toxicity

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  1. adherestick fast; be a devotd follower; N. adhesion: adhering; devotion; loyality


  2. statutelaw enacted by the legislature


  3. pervertcorrupt; turn from right to wrong; misuse; Ex. perverted sexual desire/scientific knowledge; N: person whose sexual behavior is not natural


  4. abstainrefrain; withhold from participation; intentionally not use one's vote


  5. purgatorymodel of perfection; Ex. paragon of virtue


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