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  1. dour
  2. mobile
  3. emulate
  4. halcyon
  5. sophistry
  1. a imitate; rival; try to equal or excel (through imitation)
  2. b seemingly plausible but fallacious reasoning; sophism
  3. c calm; peaceful; Ex. halcyon days
  4. d sullen; gloomy; stubborn
  5. e movable; not fixed; N. mobility

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  1. diminish; weaken; undermine the foundations of (a fortification); Ex. The element kryptonite sapped his strength.
  2. wintry; wintery; of or like winter
  3. ill-humored; sullen; sullenly melancholy
  4. insurmountable; unbeatable; Ex. insuperable difficulties
  5. dirty mark with unclear edges made by rubbing; V.

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  1. virtuosoplay or frolic boisterously; gambol; N.


  2. miscellanyserving as an aid or accessory; auxiliary; N.


  3. adulationswimming


  4. mentorcommand; order; forbid


  5. qualifyreach a necessary standard; limit the meaning of something stated


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