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  1. Implied line
  2. Contour Line
  3. Foreshortening
  4. Silhouette
  5. one-point perspective
  1. a Movement in a linear direction caused by a visual element other than an actual line
  2. b Outline of an object, usually filled in with black or some other uniform color
  3. c Line representing the outline of a figure or form
  4. d Use of perspective to represent an object extending back in space
  5. e system of perspective in which every orthologonal leads to a single vanishing point

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  1. Handwriting designed to be beautiful
  2. Prehistoric period dating from approximately 1,500,000 B.C., when people used stone tools
  3. technique developed by Seurat and his followers in the late 19th century of applying to a surface dots of color that, when seen from a distance, seem to blend together
  4. Characteristic place of worship for Muslims
  5. system of perspective in which there are two vanishing points

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  1. Complementary ColorsHues that are directly opposite each other on the color wheel


  2. shadingto darken a color by adding black


  3. Seascape2D area enclosed by lines or denoted by anges in color or value


  4. shadow2D area enclosed by lines or denoted by anges in color or value


  5. Visual MetaphorAssociation (usually formal) between one image and another


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