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  1. Landscape
  2. local color
  3. Chiaroscuro
  4. modeling
  5. Complementary Colors
  1. a Image of natural scenery
  2. b color sensation imparted by a nearby object in clear daylight
  3. c a) in 2D art, the use of value to suggest light and shadow and thus create the effect of mass and weight

    b) in sculpture, the creation of form by manipulating a pliable material such as clay
  4. d "light-dark" in Italian; the subtle gradation of light and shadow to create the effect of 3D
  5. e Hues that are directly opposite each other on the color wheel

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  1. Book written by hand; mainly referring to medieval and Renaissance books.
  2. Prehistoric period dating from approximately 1,500,000 B.C., when people used stone tools
  3. Outline of an object, usually filled in with black or some other uniform color
  4. quality of being perceptible by the sense of touch
  5. Handwriting designed to be beautiful

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  1. Multiple-point perspectivesystem of perspective in which every orthologonal leads to a single vanishing point


  2. Broken colorColor whose pure hue has been "broken" through the addition of another, often complementary, color


  3. muralOne of nine daughters of Zeus in Greek mythology who inspire creativity; more generally, a source of inspiration


  4. Intensitydegree of purity of a color


  5. principal colorsthe five main colors (red, violet, blue, green, yellow) in the color wheel of Albert Munsell


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