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  1. roundel
  2. Implied line
  3. Coffer
  4. vanishing point
  5. Still life
  1. a Movement in a linear direction caused by a visual element other than an actual line
  2. b in the linear perspective system, the point at which the orthogonals, if extended, would intersect
  3. c circular panel, window, or niche
  4. d Representation of inanimate objects such as fruit, flowers, or pottery
  5. e Recessed geometrical panel in a ceiling, often used as a decorative element and forming a continuous pattern; also used to reduce the weight of a ceiling

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  1. having to do with, or incorporating, movement
  2. to darken a color by adding black
  3. phenomenon in which two complementary colors, if juxtaposed, intensify each other
  4. Book written by hand; mainly referring to medieval and Renaissance books.
  5. Pattern of superimposed parallel lines (hatching) on a 2D surface to depict shading and shadow

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  1. Intensityhaving to do with, or incorporating, movement


  2. Impasto3D form, often implying bulk, density, and weight


  3. modelinggradual change from light to dark on a surface


  4. 3Dhaving height, width, and depth


  5. Analogous HuesHues containing a common color, though in different proportions


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