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  1. Gradation
  2. Velocipede
  3. Pedestal
  4. Retrogression
  5. Progressive
  1. a 1.) Change by steps or stages
    2.) Act of grading
  2. b Act of going from better to worse; deterioration (antonym: progression)
  3. c 1.) Child's tricycle (literally "swift foot")
    2.) Early form of a bicycle
  4. d Going forward to something considered better (antonym: retrogressive)
  5. e 1.) Support or foot of a column or structure
    2.) Foundation

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  1. Lever acted on by the foot
  2. 1.) Dependant on something else (literally "touching together")
    2.) Accidental
  3. Disposed to attack (literally "step forward"); militant; assertive; pushy
  4. 1.) Hinderance; obstacle (literally "something entangling the feet")
    2.) Defect; problem
  5. Step by step; processing by small stages or degrees (antonym: abrupt)

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  1. Tangent (ADJECTIVE)Touching only at one point


  2. ContactTouching or meeting; association; connection


  3. Pedestrian (NOUN)Person travellig on foot


  4. Tactful1.) Pertaining to the sence of touch
    2.) Tangible


  5. GradeStep; stage; degree; rating


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