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  1. Contingent
  2. Gradient
  3. Pedestal
  4. Egress
  5. Intangible
  1. a Rate at whh a road, railroad track, temperature, voltage, etc., rises or falls ("Steps" up or down)
  2. b Means of going out; exit (antonym: access)
  3. c 1.) Not capable of being percieved by the sence of touch
    2.) Hard to grasp or define exactly (antonym: tangible)
  4. d 1.) Dependant on something else (literally "touching together")
    2.) Accidental
  5. e 1.) Support or foot of a column or structure
    2.) Foundation

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  1. Lever acted on by the foot
  2. Step (stage, part of a procedure, etc.)
  3. Hinder (literally "entangle the feet"); obstruct; block (antonym: assist; aid)
  4. Dispose to move ("step") backwards; retrogressive
  5. 1.) Facilitate (literally "extricate someone caught by the foot")
    2.) Accelerate or speed up (antonym: delay)

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  1. GradualStep; stage; degree; rating


  2. GraduatedArranged in regular steps, stages, or degrees.


  3. MillipedeHinder (literally "entangle the feet"); obstruct; block (antonym: assist; aid)


  4. IntactUntouched or uninjured; kept or left the same (antonym: defective)


  5. TactSensitive to the mental perception of what is appropriate on a given occasion. (literally "sence of touch")


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