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  1. Egress
  2. Pedestal
  3. Gradient
  4. Agressive
  5. Velocipede
  1. a Rate at whh a road, railroad track, temperature, voltage, etc., rises or falls ("Steps" up or down)
  2. b 1.) Child's tricycle (literally "swift foot")
    2.) Early form of a bicycle
  3. c Means of going out; exit (antonym: access)
  4. d 1.) Support or foot of a column or structure
    2.) Foundation
  5. e Disposed to attack (literally "step forward"); militant; assertive; pushy

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  1. Arranged in regular steps, stages, or degrees.
  2. 1.) Change by steps or stages
    2.) Act of grading
  3. 1.) Hinderance; obstacle (literally "something entangling the feet")
    2.) Defect; problem
  4. Touch (sence of touch, sensitivity)
  5. Untouched or uninjured; kept or left the same (antonym: defective)

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  1. Centipede(literally "hundred legged creature"); Wormlike animal with one pair of legs on most of its segments


  2. Tactful1.) Pertaining to the sence of touch
    2.) Tangible


  3. Expedite1.) Facilitate (literally "extricate someone caught by the foot")
    2.) Accelerate or speed up (antonym: delay)


  4. Intangible1.) Not capable of being percieved by the sence of touch
    2.) Hard to grasp or define exactly (antonym: tangible)


  5. Pedestrian (NOUN)Person travellig on foot


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