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  1. Gradual
  2. Progressive
  3. Contingent
  4. Egress
  5. Intangible
  1. a Step by step; processing by small stages or degrees (antonym: abrupt)
  2. b Means of going out; exit (antonym: access)
  3. c Going forward to something considered better (antonym: retrogressive)
  4. d 1.) Dependant on something else (literally "touching together")
    2.) Accidental
  5. e 1.) Not capable of being percieved by the sence of touch
    2.) Hard to grasp or define exactly (antonym: tangible)

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  1. Touching; in physical conntact; ajacent to
  2. Rate at whh a road, railroad track, temperature, voltage, etc., rises or falls ("Steps" up or down)
  3. Commonplace, as a pedestrian performance; unimaginative; dull
  4. Act of going from better to worse; deterioration (antonym: progression)
  5. 1.) Change by steps or stages
    2.) Act of grading

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  1. PedalLever acted on by the foot


  2. ExpediteHinder (literally "entangle the feet"); obstruct; block (antonym: assist; aid)


  3. Millipede(literally "thousand legged creature"); Wormlike creature with two pairs of legs on most of its segments


  4. Pedestrian (NOUN)Line or surface meeting another curved line or surface, but not intersecting it.


  5. Velocipede1.) Child's tricycle (literally "swift foot")
    2.) Early form of a bicycle


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