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  1. cough
  2. pulmonary edema
  3. aspiration
  4. bronchiectasis
  5. pulmonary embolism
  1. a fluid of solids that have gotten into the lungs
  2. b excess water in the lung, HD, diminishes gas exchange
  3. c protective reflex that cleanses the lower air-ways explosive expiration
  4. d occlusion of the pulmonary vascular ed by emboli, can cause lung infarction
  5. e abnormal dilation of the bronchi often associated with obstruction and plugs, loss of elasticity

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  1. increased amount of CO2 in the blood: depression of respiratory center by drugs; diseases of the medulla;
  2. pleural effusion where the fluid is pus
  3. presence of fluid in the pleural space; results from fluid coming through capillaries
  4. selective bulbous enlargement of the end of a finger or toe
  5. neonatal lung injury usually a result of premature birth or respiratory support during perinatal period; poor formation of alveoli; hypoxema and hypercapnea; pulmonary hypertension

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  1. tuberculosislung tissue collapses due to external pressure or due to removal of air due to absorption or hypoventilation


  2. pulmonary fibrosisocclusion of the pulmonary vascular ed by emboli, can cause lung infarction


  3. bronchiolitisinflammatory obstruction


  4. hypoxemiadecreased amount of CO2 in the blood resulting from respiratory alkalosis


  5. croupusually viral laryngealtracheobronchitis, edema and mucous cause airway to narrow, barking cough


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