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Second Continental Congress

Congress of American leaders that first met in 1775, declared independence in 1776, and helped lead the United States during the Revolution.

Continental Army

Army formed in 1775 by the Second Continental Congress and led by General George Washington.

Olive Branch Petition

Letter sent by the Second Continental Congress to King George III in 1775 in an attempt to avoid war.

Declaration of Independence

Document declaring the 13 American colonies independent of Great Britain, written mainly by Thomas Jefferson and adopted on July 4, 1776, by the Second Continental Congress.


Person who works against his or her country.

Green Mountain Boys

Group of Vermont soldiers who captured Fort Ticonderoga in 1775.


Soldiers from one country who are paid to fight for another country.

Battle of Saratoga

American victory over British troops in 1777 that was a turning point of the American Revolution.

Treaty of Paris

Treaty signed in 1783 that officially ended the American Revolution. Great Britain recognized the United States as an independent country.

Olive Branch Petition

In a last attempt to make peace the colonists sent the _____ to King George III. They did not feel the King would accept it so they took other steps to protect themselves.

Second Continental Congress

The _____ elected an army commander, George Washington, declared independence by writing the Declaration of Independence, and formed an army called the Continental Army.

Common Sense

Thomas Paine wrote a pamphlet called _____ trying to convince people to support the fight for independence. It was so successful because it was easy to read.

Declaration of Independence

The _____ was drafted as a result of the pamphlet Common Sense.

basic rights

The main argument of the Declaration of Independence is that people are born with _____ and those cannot be taken away. It also stated that the King of England had abused his power.


The signing of the Declaration of Independence was a dangerous act because Britain viewed those who signed it as _____ and if they lost the war they would be punished by probably being hanged as traitors to King George III.

July 4, 1776

The Declaration of Independence was signed on _____.

Washington and his troops

_____ forced the British out of Boston by putting cannons on the hills above the city.


The victory of _____ renewed hope in the Americans.


The Americans victory at _____ got the French to become American allies and join the war. Other nations helped the Americans by sending ships, soldiers, and money.

Valley Forge

At _____, Washington's army was short of food and war clothing. Many of the soldiers did not have shoes. As a result this led to 2,500 members of Washington's army dying.

African Americans

_____ Patriots fought in almost every role of the American Revolution.

Prince Hall

_____ led the struggle to end slavery during the Revolution.


_____ helped during the American Revolution by repairing socks, delivering water, and writing poetry.

Von Steuben

_____ helped the Continental Army by training the soldiers.

French and Spanish

The _____ fought against the British with the Americans.


General Cornwallis decided to take his troops north and camp at _____ because he grew tired of chasing Greeene across North and South Carolina and decided to set up camp in the north.

French navy

The arrival of the _____ helped Washington to defeat the British at Yorktown and as a result of this battle the Revolution ended.

Treaty of Paris

The _____ ended the American Revolution and made the United States of America a recognized independent nation. As a newly formed nation, the United States needed to determine the country's type of government and to make decisions about slavery and Native Americans.

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