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Endotracheal tube

Allows for patent airway, ventilation, and delivery of gas anesthetics


Allows for visualization of the epiglottis

Flow Meter

Receives gases from the pressure regulator and distributes constant gas to a patient


Controls amount of vapor of the inhalation anesthetic

Non-rebreathing circuit

Circuit in which no anesthetic gases are reused and the gas can be controlled with precision.

Rebreathing circuit

Circuit in which gas is reused and cannot be controlled as accurately.

Reservoir bag

Holds the gas for a patient without creating negative pressure; however it can also cause atelectasis or barotrauma

Circuit manometer

Monitors circuit pressure; should never go above 20 cm of water

Pop-off valve

Prevents excessive pressure in the rebreathing circuit, but can cause pressure.

Carbon dioxide absorbent

Part of the rebreathing circuit that takes up excess carbon dioxide


The portion of the rebreathing circuit that attaches to the endotracheal tube

Universal F-circuit rebreathing tube

A kind of rebreathing tube that has one tube inside the other.

AMBU bag

A device that allows us to breathe for the animal.

Unidirectional valves

The connectors of the breathing tubes to the anesthesia machine

Pulse Oximeter

Measures percent of hemoglobin saturated with oxygen


Measures end tidal carbon dioxide

Esophageal stethoscope

Measures heart and respiratory rate and sounds


Measures electric activity of the heart (rate and rhythm)

Blood pressure

Measures systolic and diastolic pressure

What is the most important thing to remember?

Vet Techs are better than machines!

Semi-closed system

In which oxygen flow is greater than patient uptake


In which oxygen flow is equal to patient uptake


Delivery of anesthetic gases via face mask or induction chamber

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