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  1. False
  2. inferiorly
  3. an articular cartilage
  4. True
  1. a The rotator cuff tendons enclose the shoulder joint on all sides except _______________, which explains in part the nature of most shoulder dislocations.
  2. b The forearm acts as a third-class lever during flexion of the elbow.
  3. c
    This image shows the structure of a simple synovial joint. What does "2" represent?
  4. d The coxal joint is a ball-and-socket joint where the head of the humerus articulates with the glenoid cavity of the scapula.

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  1. The study of joint structure, function, and dysfunction is called
  2. Bony joints are the most common type of joints
  3. _______________________ are the least movable joints.
  4. Range of motion of a joint is normally determined by the following factors except
  5. raise your hand and place it on the shoulder of a person standing in front of you involves _______________ of the shoulder

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  1. FalseThe wrist can be hyperextended but the elbow cannot.


  2. FalseFibrous joints are joints at which two bones are united by hyaline cartilage


  3. TrueA(n) _________________ is a sac of fluid associated with a synovial joint


  4. flexion and extensionA monoaxial joint like the elbow is capable of which one of the following movements?


  5. synchondrosis.The epiphysis and diaphysis of a long bone in a child are bound by a


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