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  1. synovial
  2. pivot joint.
  3. False
  4. flexion
  1. a Symphyses are the most common type of fibrous joints
  2. b raise your hand and place it on the shoulder of a person standing in front of you involves _______________ of the shoulder
  3. c The radioulnar joint is a
  4. d The temporomandibular joint is a(n) _______________ joint.

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  1. The talocrural joint is a meeting of
  2. The proximal and middle phalanges form ________________ joints
  3. Your shoulders _______________ when you reach to push a revolving door.
  4. Which of these is a first-class lever?
  5. These are all anatomical components of a synovial joint, except

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  1. gomphosisUnlike other joints, a ________________ does not join two bones to each other


  2. acetabular labrumThe ________________ deepens the socket of the hip joint and helps stabilize the joint.


  3. subpatellarThe ______________________ bursa does not belong to the glenohumeral joint.


  4. TrueA(n) _________________ is a sac of fluid associated with a synovial joint


  5. posterior tibiofibular ligamentThese are all structures found in the shoulder joint except


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