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  1. gomphosis
  2. the fibular (lateral) collateral ligament
  3. distal radioulnar joint
  4. the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL)
  5. flexion
  1. a When you hold out your hands with the palms up, ______________ of your wrists will tip your palms toward you.
  2. b What structure in the knee prevents hyperextension?
  3. c
    This image shows an anterior view of the right tibiofemoral joint. What does "5" represent?
  4. d Unlike other joints, a ________________ does not join two bones to each other
  5. e The ________________ is not found in the elbow.

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  1. A meniscus is a type of bursa seen in the space between the femur and tibia
  2. These are all structures found in the shoulder joint except
  3. Normal chewing in humans involves ________________ of the mandible
  4. A baseball player winding up for the pitch ______________ the shoulder.
  5. These are all anatomical components of a synovial joint, except

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  1. A. protractThe study of joint structure, function, and dysfunction is called


  2. hingeSymphyses are the most common type of fibrous joints


  3. plantar flexionIf you stand on tiptoes to reach something high, you are performing ______________ at the ankle.


  4. synchondrosis; synovialThe joint between costal cartilage 1 and the sternum is a ____________, whereas the other costal cartilages are joined to the sternum by ____________ joints.


  5. flexion and extensionA monoaxial joint like the elbow is capable of which one of the following movements?


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