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  1. circumducts
  2. Synostoses
  3. flexion
  4. syndesmosis.
  5. distal radioulnar joint
  1. a When you hold out your hands with the palms up, ______________ of your wrists will tip your palms toward you.
  2. b A baseball player winding up for the pitch ______________ the shoulder.
  3. c _______________________ are the least movable joints.
  4. d The ________________ is not found in the elbow.
  5. e The radioulnar joint is a

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  1. The wrist can be hyperextended but the elbow cannot.
  2. The rotator cuff tendons enclose the shoulder joint on all sides except _______________, which explains in part the nature of most shoulder dislocations.
  3. The temporomandibular joint is a(n) _______________ joint.
  4. Normal chewing in humans involves ________________ of the mandible
  5. The elbow has both pivot and hinge joints.

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  1. The humeroscapularWhich is the largest and most complex diarthrosis in the body?


  2. adduction of the fingers.Suppose you cup your hands to hold some water. This action would most likely involve


  3. condylar37. The metacarpophalangeal joints at the base of the fingers are ________________ joints


  4. the fibular (lateral) collateral ligamentThese are all structures found in the shoulder joint except


  5. FalseThe proximal and middle phalanges form ________________ joints


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