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  1. Ethics
  2. Monochronic time Orientation
  3. Text messaging
  4. Public Speaking settings
  5. Moral Dilemma
  1. a short, written messages between mobile phones and other handheld electronic devices, exchanged in real time or stored for later retrieval
  2. b a time of orientation that emphasizes doing one thing at a time
  3. c a choice involving an unsatisfactory alternative
  4. d one participant, the speaker, delivers a prepared message to a group or audience who has assembled to hear the speaker
  5. e a set of moral principles that may be held by a society, a group, or an individual

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  1. typed symbols that convey emotional aspects of an online message
  2. the direct, explicit meaning a speech community formally gives a word
  3. the values, attitudes, beliefs, orientations, and underlying assumptions prevalent among people in a society
  4. online journals housed on a website
  5. the position of a word in a sentence and the other words around it

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  1. Specific Wordswords that appeal to the senses and help us see, hear, smell, taste, or touch


  2. Instant messagingcommunication through maintaining a list of people that you can interact with in real time when they are online


  3. Generic Languagea body of symbols and the systems for their use in messages that are common to the people of the same speech community


  4. Ectomorphlean and little muscle development


  5. Prejudicethe interpretationof a person's use of space


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