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Basic Speech Communication Exam #2 Test

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  1. Ethics
  2. Integrity
  3. Historical context
  4. Pattern
  5. Vivid Wording
  1. a a set of moral principles that may be held by a society, a group, or an individual
  2. b a set of characteristics used to differentiate some things from others
  3. c the background provided by previous communication episodes between the participants that influence understandings in the current encounter
  4. d wording that is full of life, vigorous, bright, and intense
  5. e maintaining a consistency of belief and action

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  1. words that appeal to the senses and help us see, hear, smell, taste, or touch
  2. words, sounds, and actions that are generally inderstood to represent ideas and feelings
  3. typed symbols that convey emotional aspects of an online message
  4. one participant, the speaker, delivers a prepared message to a group or audience who has assembled to hear the speaker
  5. how and how much we look at people with whom we are communicating

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  1. Prejudicea rigid attitude that is based on group membership and predisposes an individual to feel, think, or act in a negative way toward another person or group


  2. Languagea body of symbols and the systems for their use in messages that are common to the people of the same speech community


  3. Metaphora comparison that establishes a figuartive identity between objects being compared


  4. Noisea pattern of learned behaviors that people use to meet the perceived demands of a particular context


  5. Specific Wordswords that clarifymeaning by narrowing what is understood from a general categoryto a particular item or group within that category


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