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  1. Paralanguage
  2. Spair- Whorf Hypothesis
  3. Perception
  4. Body Orientation
  5. Intonation
  1. a posture in relation to another person
  2. b the variety, melody, or inflection in one's voice
  3. c the voiced but not verbal part of a spoken message
  4. d the process of selectively attending to information and assigning meaning to it
  5. e a theory claiming that language influences perception

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  1. assigning meaning to information
  2. informal vocabulary used by particular groups in society
  3. the impression that communicative behavior is both appropriate and effective in a given situation
  4. the settings in which communication occurs
  5. both the route traveled by the message and the means of transportation

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  1. Listservselectronic mailing lists through the use of e-mail that allow for widespread distribution of information to many Internet users, so online discussions can occur in a delayed time format


  2. Speaking Appropriatelychoosing language and symbols that are adapted to the needs, interests, knowledge, and attitudes of the listeners and avoiding language that alienates them


  3. Symbolswords, sounds, and actions that are generally inderstood to represent ideas and feelings


  4. Vivid Wordingwording that is full of life, vigorous, bright, and intense


  5. Specific Wordswords that appeal to the senses and help us see, hear, smell, taste, or touch


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