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  1. Physical context
  2. Semantic noise
  3. Implicit Personality theories
  4. Endomorph
  5. Syntatic Context
  1. a assumptions people have developed about which physical characteristics and personality traits or behaviors are associated with another
  2. b round and heavy body type
  3. c distractions aroused by certain symbols that take our attention away from the main message
  4. d its location, the environmental conditions, the distance between communicators, seating arrangements, and time of day
  5. e the position of a word in a sentence and the other words around it

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  1. a time of orientation that emphasizes doing one thing at a time
  2. events that happen as the result of being foretold, expected, or talked about
  3. online journals housed on a website
  4. specifying the time or time period that a fact was true or known to be true
  5. a message that reflects your understanding of the meaning of another person's nonverbal behavior

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  1. Spontaneous Expressionsmessages put together with careful thought when we recognize that our known scripts are inadequate for the situation


  2. Polychronic time Orientationa time of orientation that emphasizes doing multiple things at once


  3. Precise Wordswords that narrow a larger category


  4. Moral Dilemmathe interpretation of the message based on the paralinguistic features


  5. Listservselectronic mailing lists through the use of e-mail that allow for widespread distribution of information to many Internet users, so online discussions can occur in a delayed time format


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