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  1. Polychronic time Orientation
  2. Semantic noise
  3. Intonation
  4. Endomorph
  5. Physical context
  1. a a time of orientation that emphasizes doing multiple things at once
  2. b the variety, melody, or inflection in one's voice
  3. c round and heavy body type
  4. d its location, the environmental conditions, the distance between communicators, seating arrangements, and time of day
  5. e distractions aroused by certain symbols that take our attention away from the main message

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  1. the process of selectively attending to information and assigning meaning to it
  2. maintaining a consistency of belief and action
  3. the internal process of observing and regulating your own behavior based on your analysis of the situation and others' responses to you
  4. reasons we give for others' behavior
  5. individuals who assume the roles of senders and receivers during an interaction

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  1. Halo Effectto generalize and perceive that a person has a whole set of characteristics when you have actually observed only one characteristic, trait, or behavior


  2. Implicit Personality theoriesassumptions people have developed about which physical characteristics and personality traits or behaviors are associated with another


  3. Immediacythe degree of liking or attractiveness in a relationship


  4. Weblogs or Blogsmovements of our hands, arms, and fingers that we use to describe or to emphasize


  5. Kinesicsthe interpretation of body motions used in communication


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