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  1. Bastion
  2. Reverence
  3. Solemnly
  4. Spontaneous
  5. Irked
  1. a In a grave or somber manner
  2. b Irritated; to annoy somebody slighly
  3. c done without premeditation; unplanned
  4. d fortification; anything strongly fortified; a safe place, safe haven
  5. e respect or devotion that others show somebody or something

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  1. thin and strong; lean, tough, and muscular;
  2. apparition or ghost
  3. Anything huge such as a whale; large beast or sea monster
  4. forced to do something; to make something happen by force
  5. inability to put ones thoughts into words; not good at choosing the "right words"

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  1. Tautforbidden, socially unacceptable or prohibited


  2. Dignityconduct that shows self-respect; proper sense of pride


  3. Assentedagreed in advance


  4. Universalrelating to, affecting, or accepted by the whole world; relating to the universe or everything


  5. Crimsonturning point; emergency; situation or period in which things are very uncertain


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