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  1. Decorum
  2. Bastion
  3. Irked
  4. Compelled
  5. Lamentation
  1. a fortification; anything strongly fortified; a safe place, safe haven
  2. b Irritated; to annoy somebody slighly
  3. c forced to do something; to make something happen by force
  4. d proper behavior, behavior appropriate to a specific occasion
  5. e cries of mourning, express grief of sorrow

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  1. eyeglasses
  2. thin and strong; lean, tough, and muscular;
  3. standing out so as to be seen easily
  4. chasm; bottomless pit; endless space
  5. respect or devotion that others show somebody or something

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  1. Clamorto shout at the same time as other people; make a lot of noise; loud uproar


  2. LeviathanAnything huge such as a whale; large beast or sea monster


  3. Ebullientlively and enthusiastic


  4. VaguelyIn an indefinite or unclear way


  5. Intimidationcries of mourning, express grief of sorrow


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