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  1. Clamor
  2. Leviathan
  3. Sinewy
  4. Furtively
  5. Universal
  1. a secretly; done in a stealthy manner; clandestine
  2. b relating to, affecting, or accepted by the whole world; relating to the universe or everything
  3. c Anything huge such as a whale; large beast or sea monster
  4. d to shout at the same time as other people; make a lot of noise; loud uproar
  5. e thin and strong; lean, tough, and muscular;

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  1. deep openings; deep hole in the earth
  2. In a grave or somber manner
  3. unwilling to believe; showing disbelief
  4. Not ending; endless;
  5. irritated greatly; to make someone very angry or frustrated

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  1. Opalescentshowing or possessing shimmering milky colors


  2. VaguelyIn an indefinite or unclear way


  3. Dignitythin and strong; lean, tough, and muscular;


  4. Abyssforbidden, socially unacceptable or prohibited


  5. Ascentagreed in advance


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