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  1. Incredulous
  2. Belligerence
  3. Exasperated
  4. Spontaneous
  5. Taut
  1. a unwilling to believe; showing disbelief
  2. b hostility or aggression; ready to start a fight; stubborn
  3. c tightly stretched
  4. d irritated greatly; to make someone very angry or frustrated
  5. e done without premeditation; unplanned

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  1. pieces; parts; incomplete piece
  2. In a grave or somber manner
  3. shyness; insecurity; timid; reserved
  4. upward movement
  5. standing out so as to be seen easily

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  1. Inarticulateinability to put ones thoughts into words; not good at choosing the "right words"


  2. Foliageleaves of plants


  3. Oppressiveshowing or possessing shimmering milky colors


  4. Sinewyconduct that shows self-respect; proper sense of pride


  5. Decorumupward movement


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