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  1. Clamor
  2. Assented
  3. Universal
  4. Chasms
  5. Decorum
  1. a agreed in advance
  2. b relating to, affecting, or accepted by the whole world; relating to the universe or everything
  3. c proper behavior, behavior appropriate to a specific occasion
  4. d deep openings; deep hole in the earth
  5. e to shout at the same time as other people; make a lot of noise; loud uproar

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  1. apparition or ghost
  2. conduct that shows self-respect; proper sense of pride
  3. forced to do something; to make something happen by force
  4. Not ending; endless;
  5. In an indefinite or unclear way

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  1. Crimsonred


  2. Audibleleaves of plants


  3. Incredulousinability to put ones thoughts into words; not good at choosing the "right words"


  4. Leviathancries of mourning, express grief of sorrow


  5. Belligerencehostility or aggression; ready to start a fight; stubborn


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