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  1. Radiated
  2. Crisis
  3. Sinewy
  4. Audible
  5. Spectacles
  1. a emitted energy; spread;
  2. b eyeglasses
  3. c thin and strong; lean, tough, and muscular;
  4. d able to be heard
  5. e turning point; emergency; situation or period in which things are very uncertain

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  1. showing or possessing shimmering milky colors
  2. hostility or aggression; ready to start a fight; stubborn
  3. upward movement
  4. delighted; showing or feeling great pleasure or delight
  5. hostility; opposition; a hostile action or exchange of words

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  1. Inarticulateinability to put ones thoughts into words; not good at choosing the "right words"


  2. Lamentationcries of mourning, express grief of sorrow


  3. Ebullientlively and enthusiastic


  4. Errantwandering from an intended course; behaving in an unacceptable manner


  5. Intimidationcries of mourning, express grief of sorrow


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