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  1. Ascent
  2. Compelled
  3. Errant
  4. Phantom
  5. Chasms
  1. a deep openings; deep hole in the earth
  2. b wandering from an intended course; behaving in an unacceptable manner
  3. c apparition or ghost
  4. d forced to do something; to make something happen by force
  5. e upward movement

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  1. Not ending; endless;
  2. Irritated; to annoy somebody slighly
  3. emitted energy; spread;
  4. dominating harshly; unfairly or unjustly harsh; stifling as in temperature
  5. irritated greatly; to make someone very angry or frustrated

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  1. Totteringforced to do something; to make something happen by force


  2. Foliageable to be heard


  3. Decorumtightly stretched


  4. Spectaclesdone without premeditation; unplanned


  5. Bastiontightly stretched


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