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  1. Why does Hermia insist Lysander sleep little ways from her?
  2. Why is Helena afraid of Hermia?
  3. Why do they tell Helena what they plan to do?
  4. What does Puck plan to do when he follows after the other actors?
  5. What is her response to Demetrius's threats of physical abuse?
  1. a so she can have Demetrius for herself.
  2. b give them potion
  3. c so when she wakes he won't see her
  4. d she is stronger and she was crazy
  5. e anger and sadness, and she feels sorry for herself

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  1. he knows he'll erase their memory
  2. The 4 lovers
  3. she thinks he's lying
  4. They got married
  5. her friend to her to take care of him and she wants him for herself

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  1. What does Oberon send Puck to find?take away the love spell


  2. What do Lysander and Hermia plan to do about this semmingly impossible situation?fix their love


  3. How close had Hermia and Helena been in the past?very close


  4. Why do the rest of the actors run off when Bottom reappears?because he was an ass


  5. How is Hippolyta's reasoning and concerning how quickly the next 4 days will pass different from that of Theseus?to obey her father


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