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  1. What does Egeus expect Theseus to do when he brought his daughter and 2 suitors to Theseus?
  2. How does Hermia react to Lysander's sudden love for her when he awaken?
  3. Why do they tell Helena what they plan to do?
  4. In what way is Helena's behavior inappropriate for Athenian women?
  5. What does Hermia accuse Demetrius of doing?
  1. a she thinks he's lying
  2. b so she can have Demetrius for herself.
  3. c slept with someone else before marriage
  4. d infedelity, cheating
  5. e either kill her nun or marry Demetrius

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  1. Because it will be quick at night
  2. given them the love potion
  3. they plan to run away
  4. So he can get the kid
  5. chase after the girls

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  1. What are Oberon's plans for Titania?take away the love spell


  2. Why do the rest of the actors run off when Bottom reappears?the Woods


  3. How does Lysander treat Hermia? Why can't she believe what he says?like crap, she thought he loved her


  4. Why has Egeus brought his daughter and 2 suitors to Theseus?to convince Demetrius


  5. How are actors going to manage the setting/scenery/ such as the moonlight and the wall?people dress up as it


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