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  1. What does Egeus expect Theseus to do when he brought his daughter and 2 suitors to Theseus?
  2. How close had Hermia and Helena been in the past?
  3. What are Lysander and Demetrius going off to do?
  4. What effect has their quarrel had on nature, on the seasons, on humans?
  5. How is Hippolyta's reasoning and concerning how quickly the next 4 days will pass different from that of Theseus?
  1. a Because it will be quick at night
  2. b It messes up everyones love life
  3. c chase after the girls
  4. d either kill her nun or marry Demetrius
  5. e very close

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  1. Because he thinks he is perfect and wants the audience to love him
  2. So he can get the kid
  3. given them the love potion
  4. she thinks he's lying
  5. because nobody is in love with who there supposed to be in love with

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  1. How does Helena react to Demetrius's verbal abuse?she feels bad for herself. feels self pity


  2. Where are the actors to meet the following night?To fall in love with something horrible


  3. What does the reader find out about the current relationship between Oberon, King of Fairies, and Titania, Queen of the Fairies, from Puck and the first fairy?Their marriage is rocky.


  4. How do you suppose the threat of being handed if they scare the ladies will affect the artisan's interpretation of the tragedy of Pyramus and Thisby?they do it stupidly so they don't scare anybody


  5. How are actors going to manage the setting/scenery/ such as the moonlight and the wall?people dress up as it


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