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  1. rate at which body spends energy for involuntary activities
  2. integrated response to sight, smell, thought or taste if food that initiates or delays eating response
  3. subject is weighed on land and then weighed again in water, requires bulky, expensive, non-portable equipment, not practical for all people
  4. feeling of satisfaction
  5. index of increased risk of CVD, stroke, diabetes, hypertension and some cancers

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  1. thermogenisisthe bodys generation of heat


  2. central body fat (android obesity)central/ intra-abdominal fat stored deep in abdomin and around the organs, apple shaped, upper body obesity, incresed risk of CVD, stroke, diabetes, hypertension and joint injury


  3. bioelectrical impedancepractical measurement of abdominal fat


  4. fatfoldd measuresestimates of total bosy fatness are determined by measuring the tickness of a fold of skin on the back of the arm, below the shoulder blade, and other places with a skin caliper


  5. hungerafter a meal satisfaction, inhibits eating until the next meal


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