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  1. Gradient
  2. Discharge
  3. Water Table
  4. Flood Plain
  5. Tributary
  1. a The slope of a stream over a certain distance
  2. b A stream that emptes itself into another stream
  3. c The plain that is overfloode
  4. d The quanity of wate in a stream that passes a given point in a period of time
  5. e The upper limit of the zone of saturation

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  1. The part of a stream that carries sediment along the bottom
  2. The course that a stream and its water follows
  3. The area wher water fills all the spaces in rock or sedments
  4. A flow of groundwater that emerges naturally at the Earth's Surface
  5. A hole bored into the zone of saturation

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  1. GroundwaterA stream with many bends at base level


  2. Drainage BasinA cycle that plants use to absor and release water into the atmosphere


  3. SinkholeSeperate the drainage basin


  4. GeyserA stream with many bends at base level


  5. PemeabilityAbility to release fluids


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