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  1. Diuide
  2. Karst Topography
  3. Bed Load
  4. Capacity
  5. Water Table
  1. a Seperate the drainage basin
  2. b The maximum amount of sediment a stream can transport
  3. c The upper limit of the zone of saturation
  4. d The part of a stream that carries sediment along the bottom
  5. e An area that has a land surface with many sinkholes

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  1. The plain that is overfloode
  2. A hole bored into the zone of saturation
  3. Ability to release fluids
  4. A stream with many bends at base level
  5. The constant movement of water among the oceans, the atmosphere, the geosphere, and the biosphere

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  1. InfiltrationThe movement of surface water into rock or soil through cracks and pore spaces


  2. AquiferSeperate the drainage basin


  3. Natural LeveeA landform that parallels (a) stream(s)


  4. Stream ChannelThe course that a stream and its water follows


  5. Drainage BasinThe land area that condtibutes water to a stream


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