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  1. Karst Topography
  2. Transpiration
  3. Natural Levee
  4. Gradient
  5. Delta
  1. a An area that has a land surface with many sinkholes
  2. b Accumulation of sediment formed where a stream enters a lake or ocean
  3. c A cycle that plants use to absor and release water into the atmosphere
  4. d A landform that parallels (a) stream(s)
  5. e The slope of a stream over a certain distance

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  1. The upper limit of the zone of saturation
  2. A naturally formed underground chamber
  3. A depression in the earth
  4. Permeabile substances that transmit water
  5. Any formation in which groundwater rises on its own

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  1. DischargeSeperate the drainage basin


  2. TravertineA naturally formed underground chamber


  3. DiuidePermeabile substances that transmit water


  4. AlluviumPermeabile substances that transmit water


  5. Zone of SaturationThe area wher water fills all the spaces in rock or sedments


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