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  1. purpose of 12 lead ECG
  2. Vessel????
  3. HCT test
  4. Diaphroesis
  5. Pulmonary Circulation
  1. a test to determine percentages of red blood cells in blood.
  2. b Circulation of blood from pulmonary artery through the vessels in the lungs
  3. c profuse sweating
  4. d produce a three dimensional record of impulse wave
  5. e Vascular

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  1. chest pain, dyspena, fatigue, diaphoresis, nausea and vomiting, irregular heart beat.
  2. treadmill test to measure the respons of the cardiac muscle to increased demands of oxygen
  3. vthe vien contricts to reduce blood loss
  4. harmful lipoprotien.
  5. leaves the heart from arteries,enters into lungs and blood comes back through veins oxygenated into body

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  1. Arther/oSmallest vessels


  2. Transient Ischemic Attacklymph fluid on the upper right side of body empties here


  3. ICD codesDiagnosis codes


  4. Acive immunitytype of immunity occurs when the person is exposed to a disease and the disease develops and the body makes antibodies..


  5. cardiac cathcause wondering baseline, muscle or somatic and alternating current are all classified as


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