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  1. Capillary
  2. Passive Immunity
  3. heart disorders symptoms
  4. Cardiac Stress test
  5. Thrombectomy
  1. a Removal of a blood clot
  2. b type of immunity occuring form the adminsitration of ready made antibodies
  3. c treadmill test to measure the respons of the cardiac muscle to increased demands of oxygen
  4. d Smallest blood vessels
  5. e chest pain, dyspena, fatigue, diaphoresis, nausea and vomiting, irregular heart beat.

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  1. blood clot
  2. Act as filters removing microorganisms from the body like the lymph nodes.
  3. cancer arising form the lining of cells of capilarries
  4. x-ray of heart
  5. surgical removal of spleen

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  1. SA nodePacemaker. Electrical impluses charging hearts resting rate.


  2. Aneurysmliquid portion of blood after clotting process


  3. HIVthe protective lipoprotien.


  4. Bipolar leadseinthoven leads


  5. Immun/osafe


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