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Red Mod Final (mrs. irish) Test

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  1. Erythrocytete sedimentation rate(ESR)
  2. thromboplastin
  3. plasma
  4. Live attenuated vaccines
  5. Immunity
  1. a diluted or weakened
  2. b test to measure rate in millimeters per hour at which the rbc settle out in the tube
  3. c A complex substance found in the blood and tissues.
  4. d the ability of the body to identify and resist microorganisms
  5. e liquid portion of blood and lymph

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  1. Diagnosis codes
  2. test to determine percentages of red blood cells in blood.
  3. Result from untreated hypertension
  4. type of immunity occuring form the adminsitration of ready made antibodies
  5. an abnormal sound from the heart produced by defects in the chamber

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  1. Symptoms of HIVmalignancies, periods of severe fatigue, sudden unexplained weight loss, night sweats, diarrhea, bruising/ bleeding.


  2. HematomaBlood clot that forms at injury site


  3. Bicuspid valveSmallest blood vessels


  4. Thymus glandhelp maintain body's immune system...primary gland of lymphatic system.


  5. HIVcluster of disorders caused by HIV that specifically destroys cell-medicated immunity


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