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  1. Capillary
  2. Splenectomy
  3. Symptoms of HIV
  4. Hematoma
  5. thromboplastin
  1. a surgical removal of spleen
  2. b Smallest blood vessels
  3. c malignancies, periods of severe fatigue, sudden unexplained weight loss, night sweats, diarrhea, bruising/ bleeding.
  4. d A complex substance found in the blood and tissues.
  5. e Blood clot that forms at injury site

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  1. substance found normally in body in response to injured cells.
  2. resting state of myocardial cell
  3. A widening bulging of the wall of the heart, the aorta, or and artery....
  4. the ability of the body to identify and resist microorganisms
  5. Smallest vessels

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  1. plasmaliquid portion of blood and lymph


  2. Bradycardiaheart rate less than 60


  3. HIVdisease transmitted through body fluids, sharing contaminated needles or blood.


  4. hemoglobin testtest to determine percentages of red blood cells in blood.


  5. AnemiaHuman Immunodefiency Syndrom


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