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  1. plasma
  2. ICD codes
  3. Passive Immunity
  4. Aneurysm
  5. Chemotherapy
  1. a Diagnosis codes
  2. b type of immunity occuring form the adminsitration of ready made antibodies
  3. c A widening bulging of the wall of the heart, the aorta, or and artery....
  4. d liquid portion of blood and lymph
  5. e Destroys selected cell or impairs the their ability to reproduce!

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  1. portable ECG machine
  2. Smallest blood vessels
  3. largest vessels
  4. is altered with heat or chemical to reduce
  5. the protective lipoprotien.

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  1. Thrombectomyblood clot


  2. triglycerideslargest vessels


  3. MVPprotrusion of on eo rboth cusps of the mitral valve back into the left atrium during ventricular contraction


  4. HCT testtest to determine percentages of red blood cells in blood.


  5. HIVdisease transmitted through body fluids, sharing contaminated needles or blood.


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