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  1. Polorization
  2. Symptoms of HIV
  3. Cardiac Stress test
  4. Hemophilia
  5. Hypertension
  1. a resting state of myocardial cell
  2. b malignancies, periods of severe fatigue, sudden unexplained weight loss, night sweats, diarrhea, bruising/ bleeding.
  3. c high blood pressure
  4. d treadmill test to measure the respons of the cardiac muscle to increased demands of oxygen
  5. e Heriditary bleeding disorder

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  1. Coronary Artery bypass Graft
  2. A complex substance found in the blood and tissues.
  3. Procedure codes
  4. circulation of blood throughout the body.
  5. lymph fluid on the upper right side of body empties here

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  1. congestive heart failurean abnormal sound from the heart produced by defects in the chamber


  2. Special blood cellsand the lymphatic system make up the immune system


  3. Bipolar leadsChest leads on ECG


  4. Bicuspid valvemitral valve


  5. Four chambers of the heartproduce a three dimensional record of impulse wave


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