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  1. Capillary
  2. vasodilator
  3. Right Lymphatic duct
  4. Non-specific and specific
  5. Varicose veins
  1. a lymph fluid on the upper right side of body empties here
  2. b and increase in size of the blood vessels, primarily small arteries and arterioles.
  3. c Smallest blood vessels
  4. d body defenses
  5. e disease that occurs when superficial veins in the legs become swollen and distended

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  1. substance found normally in body in response to injured cells.
  2. draws lymph from the tissues
  3. acute pain the the chest resulting form decreased blood supply to heart muscle
  4. Chest leads on ECG
  5. test to determine percentages of red blood cells in blood.

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  1. HDLharmful lipoprotien.


  2. heart murmurlargest vessels


  3. purpose of 12 lead ECGproduce a three dimensional record of impulse wave


  4. Coronary CirculationCirculation of blood through the coronary blood vessels.


  5. BradycardiaDiagnosis codes


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