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  1. What is the definition of good science?
  2. Describe the sun
  3. What does Genesis 2:7 state?
  4. What is the revelatory-day theory?
  5. What happened with Jesus and wine in john 2:1-44
  1. a This unusual, small, yellow star provides the perfect amount of energy for life on earth
  2. b The constant search for accurate information
  3. c Jesus turned 20 gallons of water into wine in john 2:1-44
  4. d The revelatory-day theory suggests it took God seven days to reveal how he created the world to Moses
  5. e The Lord God formed the man from the ground and breathed life, and the man became a living being

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  1. This mammal emits sounds up to 20 to 30 times per second to locate flying instects
  2. This fast-running African mammal would burn up its brain while running if not for a specially desighned cooling system
  3. Natural selection is the idea that the fitest survive and pass along their traits to their offspring
  4. The heart is the most powerful muscle in the body, pumping 4,000 gallons of blood a day
  5. The earth is the Lords and everything in it, the woirld and all who live in it

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  1. Who was Lazarus?Lazarus was Jesus friend whom Jesus raised from the dead in John 11:1-44


  2. What is archaeology?A fossil is the remains and traces of plants and animals that are found in rocks


  3. What is a fossilsA fossil is the remains and traces of plants and animals that are found in rocks


  4. What is the definition of mimicry?Symbiotic is the relationship between two creatures which makes them mutually dependent upon each other to sustain life


  5. What is the meaning of the gap theory?The day-age theory suggests each creation day represents a long period of time


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