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  1. What are proteins?
  2. Who was Francesco Redi?
  3. What is the definition of uniformitarianism?
  4. What does the word homid mean?
  5. What is the definition of natural selection?
  1. a The smallest known living thing; proteins are long chains of amino acids
  2. b This man discovered microscopic eggs where the source of flies in open meat
  3. c The belief that earth's past geological changes can be fully explained by processes taking place now
  4. d Homid refers to bones paleontologists label as from the line of man
  5. e Natural selection is the idea that the fitest survive and pass along their traits to their offspring

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  1. Lazarus was Jesus friend whom Jesus raised from the dead in John 11:1-44
  2. Jesus turned 20 gallons of water into wine in john 2:1-44
  3. The geological column is an imaginary column of rock believed to show various stages of fossilized life
  4. Chromosomes are long thin stings composed of DNA and proteins which carry genes
  5. No matter what the weather, this insect always keeps it home at 64 degrees

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  1. Define the hopeful monster theoryThe revelatory-day theory suggests it took God seven days to reveal how he created the world to Moses


  2. Who was Charels Darwin?This man discovered microscopic eggs where the source of flies in open meat


  3. What are strata?Stata refers to a layer of rock thought to have been laid down at the same time


  4. How does a bat emit sound to find food?This mammal emits sounds up to 20 to 30 times per second to locate flying instects


  5. What is unusual about the tounge of a malle fowl?This australian bird uses her tounge to tell if her nest temperature has changed 1/10th of a degree


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