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  1. What makes a woodpeckers beak unique?
  2. What is archaeology?
  3. What is unique about the termite?
  4. Describe the sun
  5. What does the Theory of Evolution state?
  1. a This unusual, small, yellow star provides the perfect amount of energy for life on earth
  2. b A wood pecker's beak is desighned with a pad of spongy tissue that acts as a shock absorber
  3. c Archaeology is the scientific study of the remains of the past
  4. d No matter what the weather, this insect always keeps it home at 64 degrees
  5. e This theory states that life began as a chance combination of non-living chemicals

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  1. This fast-running African mammal would burn up its brain while running if not for a specially desighned cooling system
  2. This man promoted natural selection as the method of evolutionary changes
  3. This mammal emits sounds up to 20 to 30 times per second to locate flying instects
  4. This material comes from, or is made up of once-living things
  5. Jesus turned 20 gallons of water into wine in john 2:1-44

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  1. Define the hopeful monster theoryThe revelatory-day theory suggests it took God seven days to reveal how he created the world to Moses


  2. Who was Francesco Redi?Lazarus was Jesus friend whom Jesus raised from the dead in John 11:1-44


  3. What is the impotance of the medulla Oblangata?These two organs pass oxygen into every red blood cell carried through their capillaries


  4. What is the job of the cerebellum?The cerebellum is the part of the brain associated with voluntary responses


  5. What does the word homid mean?The Lord God formed the man from the ground and breathed life, and the man became a living being


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