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  1. What was copernicus famous for
  2. What is the definition of uniformitarianism?
  3. What is the revelatory-day theory?
  4. What is the significance of the discovery of the piltdown man?
  5. How does a bat emit sound to find food?
  1. a The belief that earth's past geological changes can be fully explained by processes taking place now
  2. b The revelatory-day theory suggests it took God seven days to reveal how he created the world to Moses
  3. c This polish scientist first promoted the theory that the planets revolve around the sun
  4. d This mammal emits sounds up to 20 to 30 times per second to locate flying instects
  5. e Piltdown man was a stained human skull and a filed ape jaw, used to support evolution, but was shown to be a hoax

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  1. Chromosomes are long thin stings composed of DNA and proteins which carry genes
  2. Archaeology is the scientific study of the remains of the past
  3. Lazarus was Jesus friend whom Jesus raised from the dead in John 11:1-44
  4. This method of dating objects assumes that you know the specifics about the original material
  5. This theory suggests that as atmospheric carbon dioxide increases, earths temperature increases

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  1. What is the importance of the lungs?These two organs pass oxygen into every red blood cell carried through their capillaries


  2. What is the significance of the Galapagos islands?These two organs pass oxygen into every red blood cell carried through their capillaries


  3. What is the function of the heart?Mimicry is a possible defense mechanism where an animal is desighned to look like something else


  4. What is radiometric datingThis method uses the decay rate of radioactive material to date objects


  5. What is unique about the army ant?This is one kind of insect that makes the queens nest using its own workers


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