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  1. law of effect
  2. unconditioned stimulus pavlov dog example:
  3. positive reinforcement
  4. Higher-order conditioning
  5. spontaneous recovery
  1. a reappearance, after a pause, of an extinguished conditioned response
  2. b food in the mouth
  3. c increase behavior by presenting positive stimuli
  4. d Thorndikes principle that behaviors followed by favorable consequences become more likely and the opposite for unfavorable consequences
  5. e a conditioned stimulus is paired with a second neutral stimulus creating a second conditioned stimulus

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  1. salvation in response to food
  2. reinforcing the desired response every time it occurs
  3. innately reinforcing stimulus such as one that satisfies a biological need
  4. learning by observing others
  5. Tone before Food

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  1. operant conditioningtype of learning in which behavior is strenghtened if followed by a reinforcer or diminished if followed by a punisher


  2. operant behaviorbehavior that occurs as an automatic response to some stimulus


  3. prosocial behvioroperates on the envornment


  4. conditioned reinforcerstimulus that gains its reinforcing power through its association with a primary reinforcer


  5. variable-interval schedulereinforces a response at unpredictable time intervals


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