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  1. extinction
  2. respondent behavior
  3. conditioned reinforcer
  4. operant behavior
  5. operant conditioning
  1. a behavior that occurs as an automatic response to some stimulus
  2. b the diminishing of a conditioned response
  3. c stimulus that gains its reinforcing power through its association with a primary reinforcer
  4. d type of learning in which behavior is strenghtened if followed by a reinforcer or diminished if followed by a punisher
  5. e operates on the envornment

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  1. reinforces a response only after a specified time has elapsed
  2. originally irrelevant stimulus that, after association with an unconditioned stimulus, comes to trigger a conditioned response
  3. learning by observing others
  4. reinforcers guide a behavior toward the desired behavior
  5. reinforces a response at unpredictable time intervals

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  1. punishmentevent that decreases the behavior that it follows


  2. intrinsic motivationdesire to perform a behavior effectively for its own sake


  3. generalizationlearned ability to distinguish between a conditioned stimulus and stimuli that do not signal an unconditioned stimulus


  4. continuous reinforcementincrease behavior by presenting positive stimuli


  5. unconditioned responseunlearned naturally occuring response to an unconditioned stimulus


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