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  1. He found that HEAT could kill microorganisms
  2. WBCs that make antibodies
  3. A disease that can pass from one person to another
  4. WBCs that distinguish between the different pathogens and make antibodies (T and B cells)
  5. Chemicals made by the WBCs that destroy specific pathogens
  6. He used carbolic acid to disinfect (clean) in his surgeries

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  1. Person to person transfer, contaminated objects, animal bites, pathogens in environmentThe 4 ways pathogens are spread


  2. T cellsWBCs that recognize and attack pathogens


  3. PathogensWBCs that recognize and attack pathogens


  4. Individual cellsPathogens make you sick by damaging ___


  5. Blood vessels widenWBCs that make antibodies


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