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  1. muscles that assist the action of the agonist; performs the same movements as the prime mover
  2. "toe dancer's" muscle; a two-bellied muscle of the calf
  3. inverts and dorsiflexes the foot
  4. strap-like muscle that is weak thigh flexor; the "tailor's muscle
  5. muscle responsible for a particular body movement; agonist

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  1. fixatormuscle group that allows you to draw your legs to the midline of your body, as when standing at attention


  2. biceps femoriship flexor, deep in pelvis; a composite of two muscles


  3. Gluteus mediussmaller hip muscle commonly used as an injection site.


  4. antagonistpostural muscles for the most part; reverses and/or opposes the action of a prime mover.


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