Chapter 3- Erosion and Deposition (pictures)

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Earth's Changing Surface


The amount of sediment in a river.


The till deposited at the edge of a glacier which forms a ridge.


A type of mass movement that can result in gravestones and fence posts tilting at odd angles.

the river water slows down

What happens when a river flows out of a steep, narrow mountain valley, an alluvial can form because the river does this.


the force that pulls rock and soil down slopes.


Waves erode the land through impact and ________.

flows into the Mississippi River

The Missouri River can be called a tributary because it does this.

glacial erosion

the force which caused the Great Lakes of North America.


moves down a beach with the current because of longshore drift.


A channel along which water is continually flowing down a slope.


After a rainfall, the water that moves over Earth's surface is called _________.


The process by which erosion lays down sediment in new locations.


A glacier forms in an area where more snow falls than _______.


The process by which wind removes surface materials.

mass movement

Landslides and slump are forms of ________.


The material moved by erosion.


The process by which natural forces move weathered rock from place to place.

continental glacier

This covers much of the island of Greenland.


The energy of ocean waves comes from the energy of ______.

flood plain

The flat, wide area of land along a river is called a ________.

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