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  1. miserable
  2. malicious
  3. misery
  4. hint
  5. survey
  1. a a feeling of great unhappiness
  2. b a clue
  3. c very bad, of poor quality
  4. d to study, design, gather information about a subject
  5. e done with a wish to harm or cause pain

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  1. the answer to a problem or puzzle
  2. information given to hep someone to answer a question
  3. happening slowly, taking place little by little
  4. meant for just one
  5. to keep from being attacked

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  1. solutiona mixture formed when a liquid and some other stuff are mixed together


  2. attitudea way of thinking or feeling about certain things


  3. individuala single person apart from others in a group


  4. confessto speak for or to argue in favor of


  5. defendto suggest something without saying directly what one means


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