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  1. Knights
  2. Wergild
  3. Magyars
  4. Schism
  5. Pope
  1. a under feudalism, a member of the heavily armored calvary.
  2. b the seperation between the two great branches of Christianity that occured when the Roman Pope Leo IX and the Byzantine patriarch Michael Cerularius excommunicated each other.
  3. c the bishop of Rome and head of the Roman Catholic Church.
  4. d a people from western Asia.
  5. e amount paid by a wrongdoer to the family of the person he or she had injured or killed.

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  1. A man who seperates himself from ordinary human society in order to dedicate himself to God.
  2. An unbeliever, a term applied to the Muslims during the Crusades.
  3. a group of Christian communities, or parishes, under the authority of a bishop.
  4. in the Middle Ages, the ideal of civilized behavior that developed among the nobility.
  5. nobles offered protection and land in return for service.

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  1. Parishesa group of Christian communities


  2. Ordeala means of determining guilt in Germanic law, based on the idea of divine intervention.


  3. Vassalunder feudalism, a man who served a lord in a military capacity.


  4. Papal StatesRome and its surrounding territories.


  5. Anglo-Saxona people from western Asia.


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