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  1. qualit of mumur
  2. bell
  3. pitting edma +3
  4. apex of the heart
  5. abnormal pulsation on the
    precordium Apex
  1. a located at the 5th intercostal space from the midline
  2. b the paical impulse is increased in force and duration but is not necessarilly displaced to the left when left ventricular hypertrophy occurs alone without dilatation. This is pressure overload, as found in aortic stenosis or systemic hypertension
  3. c hear lower pitched sounds
  4. d deep pitting, indention remain for a short time, legs look swollen
  5. e blowing, harsh or rough, rubmling, swooshing, musical

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  1. atrial insufficency
  2. lateral to and parallel with teh extensor tendon of the big toe
  3. heart failure is present
  4. left lower sternal border
  5. Low "dull" soft like Distant thunder

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  1. Diastolethe vetricles relaxing anf filling with blood (2/3 of the caridac cycle)


  2. apical impulse seendifficlt to local with leg extended but relaxed, anchor you thumbs on the knee and curl you fingers around teh popliteal fossa. Press you finger forward hard and compress teh artery against the bone, just lateral to the medial tendon, or have the patient prone and lift up lower leg let the leg relax against your arm and prss in deeply with your two thumbs


  3. S2closure of teh semilunar valves


  4. apexthe place you would hear S1 the loudest


  5. Respiratory effects of S3yes it varies with respiration


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