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  1. rlumonis rugurgitation
  2. Cardia cycle
  3. how do you rule out a pericardial rub
  4. location of S4
  5. mumur that is barely audible
  1. a apex
  2. b have the patient hold their breath and if you still hear it is not breathing sounds
  3. c Grade 1
  4. d the rythmic movement of blood through the heart
  5. e back flow due to insufficent plumonic valve mumur heard simultaneously with S2 soft hight pitched blowing diastolic decrescendo heard at 3rd ICS as pwrson sits up and leans forward , radiates down

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  1. the ventricles contracing and filling the plumoar and systemic arteries (1/3 of the cardiac cycle)
  2. Grade IV (4)
  3. listen selectively to one sound at a time
  4. imcompetent aortic valve, subjective sx: minor symptoms for years objective sx: bouding pulse, bp with widen pulse pressure, mumur starts almost simultaneously with S2 soft high pitched, blowing diastolic decrendo, hear at 3rd left ICS as person sit up and leans forward radiates down
  5. unaffected by respiration the split is alway there

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  1. heave or liftthe are on the anterior chest overlying the heart and great vessels (great vessels are the major arteries and veins connected to the heart)


  2. innocent mumurscommon in healty childern or adolescents, high cardiac output, pregancy anxiety, anemia fever or hyperthyroid


  3. pitch S4hear higher pitched sound


  4. TI (systolic)mitral valve insufficiency


  5. A systoleat the end of the ventricular diastole the pressure is higher in the atruim than ventricle, active filling phase causing a small rise in the left ventricular pressure.


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