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  1. diaphram
  2. MI (systolic)
  3. AS (systolic)
  4. pitting edema +4
  5. Isometric contraction
  1. a hear higher pitched sound
  2. b mitral valve insufficiency
  3. c all four valvesare closed contracion against a closed system workes to build purssure in side the ventricles to a high level (for a breif moment)
  4. d very deep pitting, indentationlast as long time very swollen
  5. e atrial stenosis

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  1. grade VI (6)
  2. left lower sternal border
  3. back flow due to insufficent plumonic valve mumur heard simultaneously with S2 soft hight pitched blowing diastolic decrescendo heard at 3rd ICS as pwrson sits up and leans forward , radiates down
  4. just below the inguinal ligament halfway between the pubis and anterior and superior iliac spines
  5. the pressure is greatest in the part of the heart because it is bigger and it has to pump a greater distance

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  1. norma rhythm of heartregular


  2. thunderinggrade over grade 3 or 4


  3. apex of the heartlocated at the 5th intercostal space from the midline


  4. blood flow through the heartliver -> to inferior VC->into RA->
    head->to superior VC->into RA->tricupsid valve->RV->plumonic valve->pulmonary artery->lungs-<pulmonary vein->LA->bicupsid valve->LV->aortic valve->aorta->body


  5. fixed split S2abnormal sound, unaffected by respiration


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