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  1. TI (systolic)
  2. base of the heart
  3. paradoxical split
  4. venous statis
  5. pericardium
  1. a located at the R atrium, the top border of the heart
  2. b causes increased venous pressure which causes RBC to leak out the veins into skin, fir brawny edema; coarse, thickened skin; pulses are normal
  3. c fibrous sac tht surroung and protects the heart
  4. d tricuspid vavle insufficency
  5. e opposite of what you would expect the sound fuse on inspiration and slpit on expiration

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  1. apex
  2. NORMAL, inspriation decreased intrathoracic pressure increase venous return to the heart
  3. moderate pitting indentions subsides rapidly
  4. 5th ICS or just medial to
  5. decreased compliance of ventricles (HTN, CV dz, CAD, aortic stenosis)

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  1. how do you rule out a pericardial rubapex and and the left lower border; heard best when the patient sits up and leans forward


  2. when is a bruit audiblewomen who use birth control and smoke cigaretts are 6 times more likely to have a stroke that women that don't


  3. Pitch of split S2abnormal sound, unaffected by respiration


  4. auscultate the tricuspid valve arealeft lower sternal border


  5. rumblingvery low pitched caused by mitral stenosis


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