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  1. PI (diastolic)
  2. blowing mumur
  3. location of S4
  4. AI (diastolic)
  5. Paradoxical Split S2
  1. a mitral and tricupid insufficency
  2. b atrial insufficency
  3. c plumonic valve insufficency
  4. d audible on expiration and perceived as a single sound on inspiration
  5. e apex

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  1. medial mallelus felt behind the groove between the mallellus and the achilles tendon
  2. deep pitting, indention remain for a short time, legs look swollen
  3. grade I/VI or II/VI (grade one out of possible six); short; musical quality, heard 2nd and 3rd ICS left sternal border ALWAYS systolic, may disappear with sitting upright
  4. signals a weak contraction fo teh ventricles occure with Afib, premature beats and heart failure
  5. common in healty childern or adolescents, high cardiac output, pregancy anxiety, anemia fever or hyperthyroid

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  1. how should you listen to heart soundsloudness, and maximum possible II/VI


  2. physiologic S3normal in young child or young adults up to 35-40, disappears when the patient sits up accociated with high cardiac output.(pregnancy,hyper thyroid, anemia)


  3. varicositiesthe are on the anterior chest overlying the heart and great vessels (great vessels are the major arteries and veins connected to the heart)


  4. TI (systolic)atrial stenosis


  5. normal heart soundS1- M1 slight proceeds T1 usually they are fused as one. S2 with the closure of semilunar valves and end of systole


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