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  1. Gallop
  2. dorsalis pedis (DP)
  3. location the hear pericardial friction rub
  4. venous statis
  5. charteristics of apicl impulse
  1. a NOT normal, both pathological S3 and S4 are present
  2. b apex and and the left lower border; heard best when the patient sits up and leans forward
  3. c gentel tapping against finger tips
  4. d lateral to and parallel with teh extensor tendon of the big toe
  5. e causes increased venous pressure which causes RBC to leak out the veins into skin, fir brawny edema; coarse, thickened skin; pulses are normal

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  1. Grade 2
  2. weaken vessel by artherosclerosis, a sac formed by dilation in the artery wall. most common site is aorta
  3. abnormal sound, unaffected by respiration
  4. occlusion of the arteries, no pulse noted any were lower that the occlusion
  5. serous fluid between the pericardium and the myocardium

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  1. how is the volume effects by respirationyes it varies with respiration


  2. Extra heart soundsjust below the inguinal ligament halfway between the pubis and anterior and superior iliac spines


  3. pitting edma +3mild pitting , slightly indentiona no perceptible swelling of the leg


  4. Pitch of split S2high pitched


  5. pulmonary veinsreturn freshly oxygenated blood to teh left side of the heart and aorta to the body


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