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  1. epitrochleas lymph node
  2. pitch S4
  3. jugular vein
  4. TS (diastolic)
  5. age related mumurs
  1. a very low and very soft
  2. b tricuspid valve stenosis
  3. c aortic stenosis,common in older people hear best at 2nd ICS Right sternal borderand may radiate to the apex
  4. d attached to the superior vena cava internal and external, internal not palpable and external is you should only see the jugular vein when the person is lying down
  5. e the depression above and behind the medial condyle of teh humerus, "shaking hands" and palpate behind elbow, should not feel node

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  1. blowin, swishing sound indicating blood flow turbulence not normal
  2. audible on expiration and perceived as a single sound on inspiration
  3. moderate pitting indentions subsides rapidly
  4. returns unxoygenated blood to the heart
  5. apex

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  1. MI (systolic)atrial insufficency


  2. Physiologic Split S2normal in young child or young adults up to 35-40, disappears when the patient sits up accociated with high cardiac output.(pregnancy,hyper thyroid, anemia)


  3. S4closure of teh semilunar valves


  4. mumur that is clearly audible but quietGrade 1


  5. precordiumthe are on the anterior chest overlying the heart and great vessels (great vessels are the major arteries and veins connected to the heart)


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