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  1. Impetigo treatment and massage
  2. Mite treatment and massages
  3. Boils "furuncles"
  4. Tinea Pedis "athletes foot"
  5. Fungal Infections
  1. a thrive in warm moist places and tend to infect people with sluggish immune systems. Transmitted by skin to skin contact and has a 4 to 14 day incubation period
  2. b bathing with pesticidal soap and isolating bedding, towels, and clothing for a lenght of time. Systemically contraindicated
  3. c localized bacterial infections (staph) sebaceous (oil) glands clogged with dirt, deak skin, and other debris create enviroment for aggressive bacteria that causes boils.
  4. d topcial antibiotic creams for mild cases and oral antibiotics for more sever cases that show signs of systemic infection (ie fever and chills). systemically contraindivated untill lesions heal
  5. e affects approximately 20% of popluation and is generally found between toes. Aside for itching and burning it has weeping blisters, cracking, pealing skin which can lead to other infections like lymphangitis or erysipelas

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  1. there are numersou types of infections some of the most common are: Tinea Corporis "Body ringworm", Tinea Capitits "head ringworm", Tinea Pedis, "athletes foot", Tinea Cruris "jock itch"
  2. when starting on face will be raised red, hot tender area that spreads laterally looking like a "butterfly" rash taht may resemle lupus. Noticeable distinction is the sharp margin between affected and unaffected skin.
  3. locally contraindicated: check for systemic infection indicated by swelling of nearby lymph nodes, fever, and discomfort inareas other than where boil is. Sheets should be isolated and bleached thorougly
  4. reddish or grayish lines around the area scabies favor like the groin, axilla, elbows, palms of hands and between fingers. There will likely be tremendous itching and irritated blisters or pustules resulting from allergic reaction due to the excreted waste of the mite.
  5. antibiotics, sytemically contraindicated: this infection may spread to both the lymph and circulatry systems.

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  1. Tinea Corporis "body ringworm"as contagious as body ringworm but found in the scalp. Scratching that results in scar tissue may also result in temporary or permanent hair loss


  2. Fungal InfectionsAKA Mycoses or Dermatopytosis


  3. Public Lice spreadgenerally spread through sexual contract but can be contracted from infested linens. They don't jump and are the most difficult to contract.


  4. Tinea Capitis "head ringworm"very contagious starts as a small round, red, scaly, itch patch of skin on the torso which spreads by scratching. Ring appears as the fungus helas from the center outward.


  5. Wart Treatment and massagebathing with pesticidal soap and isolating bedding, towels, and clothing for a lenght of time. Systemically contraindicated


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