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Pathology - Contagious Skin Disorders Test

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  1. Public lice treatment
  2. Wart Treatment and massage
  3. Treatment of a Boil
  4. Herpes simples etiology
  5. Impetigo treatment and massage
  1. a a)hot compresses to help burst and drain relieveing pressure and pain b) antibiotics c) lancing by a dr.
  2. b follow same protocol as head lice. systemically contraindicated
  3. c there are a lot of over the counter remedies most of which contain the active ingredients salicylic acid. Other approches include freezing them with liquid nitrogen, electrosurger, carbon dioxide laser, ingections and excision. Howver in any case, should nay of the virus remain the wart is likely to reoccur. locally contraindicated: warts can be contagious if the edges are roughened.
  4. d Two types Oral or type 1 and genital or type 2. Oral herpes is trasmitted though oral or respiratory secretions while genital herpes is transmitted through genital mucous secretions during skin-to-skin contact. First or "primary" attacks may occur anywhere from 2-20 days after exposure. Up to 60% of all sexually actve adults may carry genital herpes and probably more carry oral herpes. Roughly 30 million people in the US experince at least one outbreak of some kind of herpes each year.
  5. e topcial antibiotic creams for mild cases and oral antibiotics for more sever cases that show signs of systemic infection (ie fever and chills). systemically contraindivated untill lesions heal

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  1. as contagious as body ringworm but found in the scalp. Scratching that results in scar tissue may also result in temporary or permanent hair loss
  2. thrive in warm moist places and tend to infect people with sluggish immune systems. Transmitted by skin to skin contact and has a 4 to 14 day incubation period
  3. Pesticidal shampoo, followed by applications of medicine, then combing each section of the hari with a fine tooth comb. Alternative treatments include smothering them with petroleum jelly or mayonnaise though these are less effective. Linens and clothing should be washed at 130 F and dried on high heat for 20 min. Massage is systemically contraindiacated
  4. Prior to outbreak there may be some pain or tingling in the area affected, then a blister or small cluster on a red base will appear. The blisters will ooze then scab over in about a week to 10 days
  5. through close personal contact with something someone has worn or laid on (i.e. sheets

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  1. Boils "furuncles"localized bacterial infections (staph) sebaceous (oil) glands clogged with dirt, deak skin, and other debris create enviroment for aggressive bacteria that causes boils.


  2. Fungal Infections signs and symptomsmost commonly found in hot humid climates or in dry cold areas when winter chaps lips and dries skin. It's itchy and begins with small blisters filled with murky fluid that for a honey-color crust when popped


  3. Herpes Simplexa hearty virus that can survive outside of the body for hours at a time resulting in cold sores or fever blisters on the face around the mouth or in blisters around the genitals and buttocks


  4. Mites sign and symptomsCauliflower-shaped growths on the skin


  5. Herpes Simplex Treatment & Massageantibiotics, sytemically contraindicated: this infection may spread to both the lymph and circulatry systems.


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