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Physiology-Endocrine Test

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  1. What is acute hypocalcemia within 72 hours p.p. due to rapid loss of Ca via milk?
  2. What stimulates GH release in dogs and cats?
  3. Where is the receptor location for hydrophilic hormones?
  4. What is acute hypocalcemia during the first few weeks of lactation in dogs and horses (symptoms relate to increased nerval / muscular exciteability = spasms, tetany)?
  5. What makes up adult bone?
  1. a Eclampsia, puerperal tetany
  2. b 1. organic matrix (30%)- collagen fibers and ground substance.
    2. Salts (70%) crystalline hydroxyapatite
  3. c progesterone
  4. d cell membrane
  5. e parturient paresis (milk fever) in cows

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  1. high plasma glucose levels
  2. increase in neutrophils, decrease in lymphos, Eos = Stress leucogram
  3. lack of dietary vit D, or lack of UV exposure, which leads to hypocalcemia
  4. addisons disease = hypoadrenocorticism
  5. blood glucose levels can double within minutes

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  1. How is T3 deactivated?retarded CNS and body growth


  2. All hormones affect their target tissues by forming first a what?hormone-receptor complex


  3. Dwarfism and early aging often affect the entire pituitary gland, what is this called?panhypopituitarism


  4. What are signs of growth hormone excess?increases intestinal and renal calcium and phosphate absorption, increases mobilization of bone


  5. What can growth hormone excess cause before sexual maturity?dwarfism and early aging


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