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  1. What do tropic hormones stimulate?
  2. What does growth hormone deficiency cause?
  3. What is a continual process of bone deposition (osteoblasts) and absorption (osteoclasts) -> bone can adjust to altered stress?
  4. What happens when hyperglycemia exceeds renal threshold, and glucosuria/ osmotic diuresis?
  5. How does an increase in glucocorticoids affect inflammation?
  1. a dwarfism and early aging
  2. b a peripheral endocrine gland to produce / release its own hormones
  3. c polyuria
  4. d remodeling of bone
  5. e decreases it

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  1. a catabolic situation
  2. approximately 70 amino acids
  3. hormone storage form, final stage of hormone synthesis
  4. Acromegaly caused by GH producing tumors in the pituitary gland in cats and continuously high progesterone levels in dogs
  5. lipolytic and glucose sparing, increases lipolysis, causes insulin resistance (diabetogenic)

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  1. When does the hormone effect end?in secretory granules


  2. How does thyroid hormone excess affect the circulatory and respiratory system?tachycardia, hypertension, tachypnoe


  3. High plasma amino acids levels stimulate what?renal K+ excretion (via Na+/ K+ pump), renal H+ excretion (via Na+ / H+ pump)


  4. ACTH stimulates the release of what?progesterone


  5. What stimulates GH release in dogs and cats?progesterone


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