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  1. How does thyroid hormone deficiency affect the skin?
  2. What is a continual process of bone deposition (osteoblasts) and absorption (osteoclasts) -> bone can adjust to altered stress?
  3. How does an increase in glucocorticoids affect the CNS / Pituitary?
  4. Hyperosmolality and polyuria leads to intra and extracellular dehydration which can lead to hypovolemic shock/ CNS damage/anuria/coma/death; compensation by drinking?
  5. How do thyroid hormones affect growth and body weight in an adult animal?
  1. a hormone excess causes weight loss, hormone deficiency causes weight gain
  2. b polydipsia
  3. c follicle atrophy causes bilateral alopecia, myxedema, and pigmentation
  4. d remodeling of bone
  5. e decrease in ACTH, ADH, TSH, GH, FSH / LH

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  1. lack of dietary vit D, or lack of UV exposure, which leads to hypocalcemia
  2. Calcium
  3. diabetes mellitus
  4. progesterone
  5. calcitonin

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  1. What are direct effects of growth hormone?protein anabolic, increases amino acid uptake, DNA / RNA synthesis, protein synthesis, and mitotic rates


  2. What are causes of Goiter?increases intestinal and renal calcium and phosphate absorption, increases mobilization of bone


  3. Where does activation of D hormone occur?increases intestinal and renal calcium and phosphate absorption, increases mobilization of bone


  4. How does an increase in thyroid hormones affect basal metabolism?increase in neutrophils, decrease in lymphos, Eos = Stress leucogram


  5. What is it called when lipophylic hormones induce protein synthesis, with the newly formed proteins being mostly enzymes, which now stimulate or inhibit certain metabolic pathways?exchangeable calcium pool


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