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  1. What are causes of hypothyroidism?
  2. Pancreatic alpha cells are what?
  3. What is it called when lipophylic hormones induce protein synthesis, with the newly formed proteins being mostly enzymes, which now stimulate or inhibit certain metabolic pathways?
  4. What is stimulated by hypercalcemia and decreases activity and proliferation of osteoclasts?
  5. Where is the receptor location for hydrophilic hormones?
  1. a calcitonin
  2. b metabolic effect
  3. c cell membrane
  4. d defects of the thyroid gland (autoimmune, lymphocytic infiltration or idiopathic atrophy)
  5. e insulin-sensitive

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  1. lack of dietary vit D, or lack of UV exposure, which leads to hypocalcemia
  2. lipolytic and glucose sparing, increases lipolysis, causes insulin resistance (diabetogenic)
  3. posterior pituitary
  4. increased amino acid uptake
  5. amines= tyrosine derived

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  1. What can cause Ca/P imbalances?1. dietary iodine deficiency
    2. goitrogenic substances


  2. Vitamin D3 is derived from where?diet or de novo synthesis in liver, followed by UVB activation in skin


  3. How is T3 deactivated?by peripheral tissue de-iodinases and excreted via liver after conjugated with glucoronic acid


  4. What happens when hyperglycemia exceeds renal threshold, and glucosuria/ osmotic diuresis?polyuria


  5. At what level is the plasma calcium concentration maintained?+/- 5% of normal


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