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  1. What is Cretinism?
  2. Vitamin D3 is derived from where?
  3. Where does activation of D hormone occur?
  4. How does an increase in glucocorticoids affect the blood glucose?
  5. What hormones is the Zona reticularis responsible for?
  1. a increase in hyperglycemia, steroid diabetes
  2. b androgens
  3. c retarded CNS and body growth
  4. d diet or de novo synthesis in liver, followed by UVB activation in skin
  5. e liver and kidney

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  1. new proteins are synthesized
  2. endocrine
  3. TSH
  4. metabolic effect
  5. by peripheral tissue de-iodinases and excreted via liver after conjugated with glucoronic acid

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  1. What is the excessive secretion of thyroid hormones (most common in cats)?hyperthyroidism


  2. In secondary DM, the absolute / relative lack of insulin leads to what?absolute or relative excess of glucagon


  3. What does mineralcorticoid deficiency cause?Na and water loss, K and hydrogen retention, Na/K ratio less than 20


  4. All hormones affect their target tissues by forming first a what?growth, metabolism, homeostasis, reproduction


  5. Pancreatic alpha cells are what?insulin-sensitive


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