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Physiology-Endocrine Test

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  1. Because hormone effects are proportional to its concentration, what needs to happen?
  2. When does the hormone effect end?
  3. The hypothalamus is connected with the pituitary gland via what?
  4. What happens when hyperglycemia exceeds renal threshold, and glucosuria/ osmotic diuresis?
  5. Where is the receptor location for hydrophilic hormones?
  1. a after dissociation from receptor, after internalization of receptor-hormone complex or degredation
  2. b polyuria
  3. c hormone concentrations needs to be tightly controlled
  4. d hypophyseal stalk
  5. e cell membrane

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. high plasma glucose levels
  2. liver and kidney
  3. >30 steroid hormones
  4. secondary DM or type III
  5. follicle atrophy causes bilateral alopecia, myxedema, and pigmentation

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  1. What do hypovolemia and low blood pressure stimulate?glucagon secretion


  2. How do thyroid hormones affect the growth and body weight of a young animal?hormone excess accelerates growth, but epiphyses close early which means stunted and heavy body, hormone deficiency retards CNS and body growth


  3. Where is the hormone stored?a peripheral endocrine gland to produce / release its own hormones


  4. How does thyroid hormones affect the CNS?a peripheral endocrine gland to produce / release its own hormones


  5. When is the highest concentration of ACTH and cortisol?progesterone


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