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  1. morally corrupt; base; wicked
  2. a physician who specializes in skin diseases
  3. jutting out; extending forward; most significant; prominent; conspicuous; a fortified angle or extension
  4. Neglectful or remiss in duty; deserted or abandoned; property abandoned by the owner; a homeless and penniless person; a vagrant
  5. painstakingly thorough and exact; carefully precise; reliable to do what is right; conscientious

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  1. depreciationdecrease in value as a result of being used, aging, etc; belittling; disparagement


  2. canonan established rule, law, principle or criterion; a religious law or laws; a list or catalog of rules or books; a choral work featuring many overlapping voices.


  3. filigreethe ability to perform with delicate skill and style; tactfulness and subtlety; artfulness


  4. depletemorally corrupt; base; wicked


  5. deprecatorydisparaging; belittling; disapproving


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