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  1. Surplus wealth
  2. relative poverty
  3. proletarians
  4. Davis-Moore thesis
  5. blue collar occupations
  1. a the lack of resources of some people in relation to those who have more.
  2. b people who sell their labor wages
  3. c lower-prestige jobs that involve mostly manual labor
  4. d states that social stratification has beneficial consequences for the operation of society
  5. e It is the amount of wealth, usually described in currency, that we produce over and above what was needed for our labor power. Marx called the surplus "s."

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  1. is a social stratification based on ascription or birth. It is a closed system because birth alone determines a person's entire future, with little or no social mobility
  2. is a social group toward which a person feels a sense of competition and opposition.
  3. a powerfully negative label that greatly changes a person's self concept and social identity.
  4. refers to someone earning a degree, landing a higher paying job, or marrying someone who has a good income
  5. the transformaiton of moral and legal deviance into medical condition

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  1. neocolonial ismthe process by which some nations enrich themselves through pilitical and economic control of other nations


  2. groupthinkthe tendency of group members to conform, resulting ina narrow view of some issue.


  3. status consistencya way of thinking that emphizes deliberate, matter of fact calculation of the most efficient way to accomplish a particular task.


  4. Scientific managementis the application of scientific principles to the operation of business or other large organization.


  5. ideologyis a social group toward which a member feels respect and loyalty


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