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  1. rationality
  2. Scientific management
  3. caste system
  4. ideology
  5. blue collar occupations
  1. a a way of thinking that emphizes deliberate, matter of fact calculation of the most efficient way to accomplish a particular task.
  2. b lower-prestige jobs that involve mostly manual labor
  3. c cultural beliefs that justify particular social arrangements, including patterns of inequality
  4. d is a social stratification based on ascription or birth. It is a closed system because birth alone determines a person's entire future, with little or no social mobility
  5. e is the application of scientific principles to the operation of business or other large organization.

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  1. A principle which states that employees tend to be promoted to a level above the level at which they are competent and efficient, a process which creates incompetent senior management in any organization.
  2. people who own and operate factories and other businesses in pursuit of profits
  3. refers to someone earning a degree, landing a higher paying job, or marrying someone who has a good income
  4. the lack of resources of some people in relation to those who have more.
  5. to describe a focus on rules and regulations to the point of undermining an organizations goal.

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  1. groupthinkpeople who sell their labor wages


  2. Davis-Moore thesisstates that social stratification has beneficial consequences for the operation of society


  3. medicalization deviancethe transformaiton of moral and legal deviance into medical condition


  4. status consistencyis the degree of uniformity in a person's social standing across various dimensions of social inequality


  5. Social Mobilityrefers to someone earning a degree, landing a higher paying job, or marrying someone who has a good income


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