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  1. denominator
  2. souffle cup
  3. cumulative
  4. drip factor
  5. intermittent venous access device
  1. a (heparin or saline lock) IV infusion device with a male adapter covered by a rubber diaphragm for intermittent IV therapy
  2. b ungraduated, disposable paper cup
  3. c method that is used to deliver measured amounts of IV solutions at specific flow rates based on the size of drops of the solution
  4. d increasing by incremental steps with an eventual total; build up in the body
  5. e bottom number of a fraction

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  1. drug delivery system that dispenses a preset IV dose of an opioid analgesic into the pt when pt pushes a switch.
  2. drug that produces a predictable response at the intended site of action
  3. drug the will block the action of another drug
  4. severe, life threatening hypersensitivity reaction to a previously encountered antigen
  5. crushed to powder

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  1. buccalin the cheek


  2. proportionshows the relationship of one number or quantity to another number or quantity


  3. body surface areadefined as the total area exposed to the outside environment.


  4. metabolitedrug the will block the action of another drug


  5. milliequivalentunder the tongue


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