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  1. adverse drug reaction
  2. parenteral
  3. pulverized
  4. agonist
  5. lumen
  1. a crushed to powder
  2. b pertaining to treatment other than through the digestive system
  3. c space within an artery, vein, intestine, or tube such as a needle or catheter
  4. d harmful, unintended reaction to a drug administered at a normal dosage
  5. e drug that produces a predictable response at the intended site of action

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  1. quality or state of existing together in harmony
  2. means "hundredths"
  3. curved upper surface of a column of liquid as in a mercury column
  4. shows the relationship of one number or quantity to another number or quantity
  5. increasing by incremental steps with an eventual total; build up in the body

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  1. extremesouter terms of the proportion


  2. therapeuticbeneficial


  3. milliequivalentunder the tongue


  4. percutaneousmeans "hundredths"


  5. dimensional analysis (DA)also called factor labeling. Method that calculates dosages using 3 factors: drug label; conversion; drug order.


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