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  1. compatibility
  2. gauge
  3. tolerance
  4. percutaneous
  5. sublingual
  1. a state that develops as the amount and frequency of use of an addicting substance increases to achieve the same effect
  2. b standard or scale of measurement
  3. c under the tongue
  4. d quality or state of existing together in harmony
  5. e through the skin or mucous membrane

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  1. severe, life threatening hypersensitivity reaction to a previously encountered antigen
  2. in the cheek
  3. inner terms of the proportion
  4. drug delivery system that dispenses a preset IV dose of an opioid analgesic into the pt when pt pushes a switch.
  5. container that has interval markings of measurement

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  1. antagonistdrug the will block the action of another drug


  2. enteric-coatedwithin, or by way of, the intestine


  3. pharmacologystudy of drugs and their action on the living body


  4. numeratorbottom number of a fraction


  5. percentinner terms of the proportion


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