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  1. percent
  2. antagonist
  3. milliequivalent
  4. drip factor
  5. denominator
  1. a method that is used to deliver measured amounts of IV solutions at specific flow rates based on the size of drops of the solution
  2. b refers to the concentration of electrolytes in a certain volume of a solution.
  3. c means "hundredths"
  4. d bottom number of a fraction
  5. e drug the will block the action of another drug

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  1. harmful, unintended reaction to a drug administered at a normal dosage
  2. curved upper surface of a column of liquid as in a mercury column
  3. in the cheek
  4. drug that produces a predictable response at the intended site of action
  5. crushed to powder

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  1. metabolitesubstance produced by metabolic action, which results in the breakdown of the drug


  2. numeratortop number of a fraction


  3. body surface areaungraduated, disposable paper cup


  4. tolerancestate that develops as the amount and frequency of use of an addicting substance increases to achieve the same effect


  5. graduatedstandard or scale of measurement


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