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  1. sublingual
  2. graduated
  3. compatibility
  4. enteral
  5. proportion
  1. a within, or by way of, the intestine
  2. b quality or state of existing together in harmony
  3. c under the tongue
  4. d container that has interval markings of measurement
  5. e shows that the relationship between two ratios has equal value

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  1. outer terms of the proportion
  2. defined as the total area exposed to the outside environment.
  3. substance produced by metabolic action, which results in the breakdown of the drug
  4. study of drugs and their action on the living body
  5. top number of a fraction

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  1. patient controlled analgesia (PCA)also called factor labeling. Method that calculates dosages using 3 factors: drug label; conversion; drug order.


  2. ratiostandard or scale of measurement


  3. gaugespace within an artery, vein, intestine, or tube such as a needle or catheter


  4. lumeninner terms of the proportion


  5. intermittent venous access device(heparin or saline lock) IV infusion device with a male adapter covered by a rubber diaphragm for intermittent IV therapy


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