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  1. proteins
  2. introns
  3. transcription
  4. Biotechnology
  5. Staple
  1. a long sequences on DNA that don't code for anything
  2. b the process in which the sequence on DNA is copied onto mRNA to be carried to the ribosome
  3. c A food item that is commonly found in an area and eaten on a regular basis
  4. d Making useful products out of raw organic materials
  5. e large molecules made of amino acids; have many different functions that are determined by DNA

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  1. virus that is capable of injecting its own DNA into host cells; they use host cells to reproduce themselves
  2. organelles in cells where proteins are made
  3. Protein that binds to myostatin, stopping it from acting. Promotes muscle growth
  4. Fake drug with no effects
  5. Ultimate stem cell, capable of forming all the other cells in a fetus

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  1. Global PandemicThe loss of this protein makes elderly faces hollow


  2. Ventricular assist deviceHelps keep the patient's heart pumping, sometimes through electrical stimulation


  3. Stem Cellslong segments of DNA that control how a certain trait is expressed in an organism


  4. homo-prefix that means "same"


  5. Ritalin and Adderallclosely related to cocaine, used to combat ADHD. Increase amounts of norepinephrine and dopamine in the brain.


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