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  1. enzymes
  2. Virus-associated proteins (VAPs)
  3. Zygote
  4. Multipotent
  5. Neurotransmitters
  1. a Ultimate stem cell, capable of forming all the other cells in a fetus
  2. b proteins that are associated with viruses
  3. c Remain inactive until needed to repair or replace damaged cells. Replenish tissues that have a lot of turnover (i.e. blood and skin cells)
  4. d Carry messages between neurons
  5. e proteins that catalyze (speed up or activate) chemical reactions

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  1. Fungus that causes bread to rise
  2. the transfer of recombinant DNA from one organism to another
  3. Causes skin blisters and life-threatening pneumonia. Survives for long periods as spores
  4. nucleotides that are complimentary / pair up with each other (e.g. adenine with thymine, cytosine with guanine)
  5. Neurotransmitter that is linked with emotion

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  1. PacemakerFake drug with no effects


  2. intronslong sequences on DNA that don't code for anything


  3. Directed ChimerismSit at the end of DNA to protect them from falling apart. Shrinks as the organism ages.


  4. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitorswhen DNA is inserted into the wrong place


  5. VaccineSubstance prepared from killed or weakened pathogens and introduced into a body to produce immunity


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