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  1. Bioethics
  2. recessive allele
  3. Type 1 Diabetes
  4. Endemic
  5. Biotechnology
  1. a Making useful products out of raw organic materials
  2. b version of the trait that is only expressed if there are no dominant alleles of the same gene present
  3. c a disease that prevents people form producing enough insulin
  4. d Field regarding the ethics of biotechnology
  5. e A disease that is native or common in a certain region

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  1. A food item that is commonly found in an area and eaten on a regular basis
  2. The time a diseases lives in its host before attacking
  3. provoking disagreement and anger towards the ethics of a certain possible solution or experiment
  4. virus-like genetic material that confuses real viruses
  5. Foreign gene that is transferred into target cell or tissue

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  1. chromosomesSit at the end of DNA to protect them from falling apart. Shrinks as the organism ages.


  2. ribosomesorganelles in cells where proteins are made


  3. proteinslarge molecules made of amino acids; have many different functions that are determined by DNA


  4. ImmuneResistant to disease. At the end of the ninth century, people discovered that smallpox survivors, though badly scarred, were immune for the rest of their lives.


  5. mutationunplanned changes in genes


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