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  1. Euphoria
  2. Biosurveillance
  3. recombinant cells
  4. patent protection
  5. Edward Jenner
  1. a Collecting health data and analyzing it for any deviations from the norm
  2. b cells that have had recombinant DNA introduced to them
  3. c Invented the vaccine for smallpox
  4. d protection of a certain product from unauthorized copying; the company Genentech got this for their bacteria that produced insulin
  5. e happiness

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  1. Field regarding the ethics of biotechnology
  2. Gender change
  3. The loss of this protein makes elderly faces hollow
  4. large molecules made of amino acids; have many different functions that are determined by DNA
  5. clump of undifferentiated cells that salamanders produce instead of scabs

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  1. Incubation PeriodThe time a diseases lives in its host before attacking


  2. Variable number tandem repeats (VNTR)Short pieces of noncoding DNA that repeat many times in a given genome and are very different between individuals who aren't related. Ideal for DNA profiling


  3. Antigens"markers" on cells that determine whether the immune system should produce antibodies against them


  4. Type 1 Diabetesa disease that prevents people form producing enough insulin


  5. TelomeraseSit at the end of DNA to protect them from falling apart. Shrinks as the organism ages.


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