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  1. Reject
  2. chromosomes
  3. Placebo
  4. Transgender
  5. Cochlear implant
  1. a Fake drug with no effects
  2. b Gender change
  3. c long chains of DNA coiled up; they contain many genes
  4. d The immune system fights any foreign substances
  5. e A device for converting sounds into electrical signals and stimulating the auditory nerve through electrodes threaded into the cochlea

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  1. The use of bacteria or viruses or toxins to destroy men and animals or food
  2. Thousands of pustules (little pimples full of pus) cover the skin, which turns into scars later on, assuming the victim survived. 30% fatality rate.
  3. Group of cells that combine to perform a function
  4. device that injects new DNA into the nucleus
  5. clump of undifferentiated cells that salamanders produce instead of scabs

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  1. Fertilityunplanned changes in genes


  2. recombinant DNA technologycombining one strand of DNA with another in order to transfer genes from one organism to another


  3. BioethicsField regarding the ethics of biotechnology


  4. mutagenic factorsfactors that cause mutation, e.g. radiation,


  5. TelomeresSit at the end of DNA to protect them from falling apart. Shrinks as the organism ages.


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