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  1. recombinant cells
  2. Variable number tandem repeats (VNTR)
  3. translation
  4. dominant allele
  5. Bioterrorism
  1. a the process in which mRNA determines which amino acids the ribosome should assemble (and therefore resulting in a certain protein)
  2. b cells that have had recombinant DNA introduced to them
  3. c Short pieces of noncoding DNA that repeat many times in a given genome and are very different between individuals who aren't related. Ideal for DNA profiling
  4. d terrorism using the weapons of biological warfare
  5. e the version of the trait that is expressed whenever it is present; it masks recessive alleles

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  1. Hormone linked with feelings of affection and loyalty
  2. Procedure that pins back ears or shrinks and reshapes them
  3. building blocks of proteins
  4. monomer form of nucleic acids
  5. egg cells

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  1. Endemichormone that controls and regulates sugar levels


  2. ligaseenzyme that re-connects the 2 DNA strands


  3. Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD)factors that cause mutation, e.g. radiation,


  4. Directed ChimerismMix human and animal genes together


  5. homozygoushaving 2 of the same allele, e.g. 2 dominant, 2 recessive


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