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  1. the part of the nervous system comprising the brain and spinal cord
  2. arteriovenous malformation
  3. dilation or ballooning of an artery wall as a result of injury , disease or congenital condition
  4. a benign tumor consisting of glandular tissue
  5. intracranial pressure
  6. central nervous system

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  1. stereotaticmeaning three dimensional


  2. embolizationa computerized method of locating a point in space or in tissue, using coordinates in three dimensions. during stereotatic surgery, the precise location of a tumor or other tissue can be identified from outside the body. the tissue can then be targeted for destruction.


  3. ateriovenousrelating to both arteries and veins


  4. arteriovenous malformationrelating to both arteries and veins


  5. schwannomaacoustic neuroma


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