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  1. central nervous system
  2. the pressure within the skull exerted by the brain tissue, blood and cerebrospinal fluid
  3. meaning touched
  4. a technique used to occlude a blood vessel. a variety of material, including platinum coils and microscope plastic particles are injected into the vessels under fluoroscopic control to stop active bleeding or prevent bleeding
  5. a collection of blood vessels with abnormal communication between the arteries and veins. it may be the result of injury, infection or a congenital condition
  6. acoustic neuroma

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  1. bone flapa section of bone removed from the skull during craniotomy procedures


  2. astrocytescells that support the nerve cells (neurons) of the brain and spinal cord by providing nutrients and insulation


  3. aneurysmmeaning three dimensional


  4. stereotaticmeaning three dimensional


  5. central nervous systemdilation or ballooning of an artery wall as a result of injury , disease or congenital condition


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