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  1. What are the building blocks of nucleic acid called
  2. How many viable eggs can a human oocyte give rise to
  3. If a solution outside of a cell contains a greater concentration of dissolved solute than the contents of the cell, is the solution hypertonic or hypotonic
  4. Where does the light-independent stage of photosynthesis takes place
  5. what is the purpose of columnar epithelium?
  1. a Hypertonic
  2. b Nucleotides
  3. c secretion and absorption in the gut and respiratory tract.
  4. d Only one.
  5. e In the Stroma

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  1. Thymus
  2. both daughter chromatids are at opposite poles, chromosomes return to original shape, nuclear envelope reforms, mitosis is complete.
  3. Lytic pathway
  4. Elongation
  5. Smooth muscle tissue.

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  1. How many nuclear divisions are in mitosis and how many are in meiosisB cells; retaining the ability to make an antibody used to fight a previous infection


  2. which atruim receives blood from the Bodyright atrium.


  3. what is negative feedback?effectors reduce stimuli until body retains normal condition/temperature.


  4. when do homologous chromosomes line up?when atoms share electrons unequally, and there is a slight difference in charge. Like water.


  5. What is the cell's ability to acquire energy and use it to store, build, or break apart substances calledMetabolism


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