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  1. What are the building blocks of proteins called
  2. What are the levels of environmental organization? PCEB
  3. What would be the complimentary strand of DNA to the DNA strand of A-T-C-G-T-T-G-A-C-A-T-T
  4. Are Neutrons positively or negatively charged
  5. In what type of feedback is the stimuli intensified several folds before homeostasis is resumed
  1. a T-A-G-C-A-A-C-T-G-T-A-A
  2. b Neither, they are neutral.
  3. c Population, community, ecosystem, biosphere
  4. d Amino Acids
  5. e positive feedback.

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  1. mRNA=A-U-G-U-A-U-U-C-C-U-U-A-A-G-A-U-G-A
  2. Procambium gives rise to what?
  3. To provide movement for the cells
  4. ___________ leaves have a flat surface, the base at which encircles and sheaths the stem.
  5. bradycardia. (slower than 46 bpm)

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  1. When viewing Elodea at 400x what is the movement of the chloroplasts called?cytoplasmic streaming


  2. Respiration is controlled by sensors and effectors in the brain and carotid arteries that respond to what type of chemicalTurner's syndrome.


  3. What is a nonpolar covalent bond?a bond that holds together two atoms that SHARE one or more pairs of electrons


  4. what is the circulatory system composed of?the theory of independent assortment.


  5. what type of blood does the right side of the heart contain?deoxygenated blood.


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