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  1. What is it called when one gene pair can influence other gene pairs? (Opposite of plietrophy)
  2. What is the first process of tRNA carrying methionine binds of ribosome and mRNA called
  3. Phospholipids contain how many hydrophobic tails and how many hydrophillic heads
  4. pericycle
  5. Where do T-cell lymphocytes originate and mature
  1. a Epistasis
  2. b Lateral roots are the product of the________?
  3. c Thymus
  4. d Initiation
  5. e Two hydrophobic tails and one hydrophillic head.

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  1. Yes
  2. hyperthyroidism
  3. IgE
  4. two colors side by side- not mixed.
  5. Binary fission

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  1. What does DNA replication results in, and what kind of nucleotides do they each containdeoxygenated blood.


  2. when do homologous chromosomes line up?two chromosomes of each type (2n=46 in humans).


  3. WHat is the purpose of simple cuboidal epithelium?To provide movement for the cells


  4. What occurs in Prophase?2 sister chromatids are formed in each chromosome, centromere is present, cytoskeleton in the cytoplasm breaks apart and reassembles, nuclear envelop disintegrates, centrioles move to opposite pulls of the cell.


  5. What are the building blocks of proteins calledTo modify, sort, package, and ship proteins and lipids


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