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  1. What is the disorder called that "deletes" cells (deletion)
  2. WHat components are not involved in the formation of a blood clot
  3. when do homologous chromosomes line up?
  4. meiosis begins with ___ germ cells and produces ___ gametes? (haploid, diploid)
  5. What is the order of life diversity from most inclusive to least inclusive? DKPCOFGS
  1. a diploid, haploid
  2. b Albumin.
  3. c Cri-du-chat.
  4. d domain, kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genera, specie
  5. e during meiosis

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  1. two chromosomes of each type (2n=46 in humans).
  2. isotopes
  3. produce and release hormones.
  4. Epistasis
  5. Yes.

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  1. Prokaryotic cells are found in what kind of organismTo attach small gaps


  2. Is an XO woman (turner syndrome) fertile or infertileInfertile.


  3. What is cytomegalovirusretinitis(blindness)


  4. Where is ATP producedIn the mitochondrion


  5. Does Mitosis and Cytokinesis give rise to genetically identical or nonidentical cellsthe number of protons and the arrangement of its electrons


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