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  1. what are two ways of getting allergies
  2. Are gametes haploid or diploid?
  3. what three things occur during interphase?
  4. The element Helium(He) has atomic number of 2. Is this element considered reactive or inert
  5. monocot
  1. a ___________ leaves have a flat surface, the base at which encircles and sheaths the stem.
  2. b pollen, bee venom provoke
  3. c Inert
  4. d Haploid- they only have one chromosome of each type.
  5. e cells mass increases, cytoplasm is doubled, and DNA is duplicated.

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  1. An ecosystem
  2. Human intestines
  3. two
  4. the vascular tissue through which water and nutrients move in some plants is called________?
  5. produce and release hormones.

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  1. What is the starting molecule in glycolysis calledGlucose


  2. Which molecule digests proteinsboth daughter chromatids are at opposite poles, chromosomes return to original shape, nuclear envelope reforms, mitosis is complete.


  3. What is the correct scientific way to refer to humansHomo sapiens


  4. Offsprings of a monohybrid cross AA and aa are all whatAa.


  5. in females, what is gamete formation called?strong mutual attraction of two opposite charged ions


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