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  1. When viewing Elodea at 400x what is the movement of the chloroplasts called?
  2. What are the final products of glycolysis
  3. Frogs hearts are divided in the middle, so does oxygenated blood stay separated or mix with the deoxygenated blood
  4. Are Neutrons positively or negatively charged
  5. when do homologous chromosomes line up?
  1. a during meiosis
  2. b ATP and pyruvate molecules
  3. c cytoplasmic streaming
  4. d Neither, they are neutral.
  5. e It mixes with it.

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  1. Single-stranded
  2. Binary fission
  3. Effector helper T-cells
  4. tachycardia. (faster than 136bpm)
  5. Infertile.

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  1. What is it called when one gene pair can influence other gene pairs? (Opposite of plietrophy)Epistasis


  2. What action is not a requirement of all living thingSmooth muscle tissue.


  3. which atruim receives blood from the Bodya bond that holds together two atoms that SHARE one or more pairs of electrons


  4. What 3 things is mitosis used for?sister chromatids separate and move towards opposite pulls, cells separate.


  5. What is it called when a stop codon is reachedKlinefelter Syndrome


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