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  1. Is plasma the cellular portion of blood
  2. What is inert?
  3. How many carbon monosaccharide are in Ribose
  4. In active transport, are solutes transported up or down their concentration gradient?
  5. What type of charges are involved with protons, electrons, and neutrons?
  1. a Five
  2. b protons-positive
    neutrons- neutral
    electrons- negative
  3. c non-reactive
  4. d No.
  5. e Up their concentration gradient- hypo to hyper.

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  1. It mixes with it.
  2. monocytes
  3. It has a different nucleotide sequence
  4. Archaea
  5. crossing over.

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  1. Do humans have an open or closed respiratory systemClosed.


  2. What is the function of antibodies?prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase


  3. The element Helium(He) has atomic number of 2. Is this element considered reactive or inertInert


  4. Where does gas exchange take placeIn the alveoli.


  5. what is the purpose of columnar epithelium?To aid in cell digestion


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