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  1. WHat are the stages of mitosis?
  2. What are autosomes and how many do humans have?
  3. which atruim receives blood from the Lungs
  4. What is a community and its physical and chemical environment constitute is called
  5. What action is not a requirement of all living thing
  1. a left atrium.
  2. b shared chromosomes by males and females. We have 44, The other 2 are sex chromosomes.
  3. c An ecosystem
  4. d prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase
  5. e Breathing

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  1. Cri-du-chat.
  2. a centromere, where duplicated chromosomes attach to the microtubules of the spindle part, during nuclear division.
  3. strong mutual attraction of two opposite charged ions
  4. oogenesis
  5. Deoxyribonucleic acid

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  1. What are the levels of environmental organization? PCEBPopulation, community, ecosystem, biosphere


  2. What is the F2 phenotype ratio of Mendel's "Monohybrid" crossTo aid in cell digestion


  3. What are reverse transcriptase inhibitors2 sister chromatids are formed in each chromosome, centromere is present, cytoskeleton in the cytoplasm breaks apart and reassembles, nuclear envelop disintegrates, centrioles move to opposite pulls of the cell.


  4. What are the building blocks of proteins calledGlucose


  5. WHat is the purpose of simple cuboidal epithelium?To provide movement for the cells


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