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  1. What would be the mRNA transcribed from this DNA sequence of T-A-C-A-T-A-A-G-G-A-A-T-T-C-T-A-C-T
  2. What is the process of tRNA molecules carrying amino acids to add to the growing polypeptide chain is called
  3. What are Memory cells and how do they function
  4. What is a slower than normal heart rate called
  5. What is the first process of tRNA carrying methionine binds of ribosome and mRNA called
  1. a mRNA=A-U-G-U-A-U-U-C-C-U-U-A-A-G-A-U-G-A
  2. b B cells; retaining the ability to make an antibody used to fight a previous infection
  3. c Elongation
  4. d bradycardia. (slower than 46 bpm)
  5. e Initiation

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  1. Cri-du-chat.
  2. When they differ in their use of resources, share the same resource in different ways, and use the same resource at different times.
  3. Two molecules, each with one old strand and one newly assembled strand of nucleotides
  4. to begin carbohydrate digestion, bicarbonate to neutralize acids and mucins to lubricate.
  5. Population, community, ecosystem, biosphere

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  1. If a solution outside of a cell contains a greater concentration of dissolved solute than the contents of the cell, is the solution hypertonic or hypotonicHypertonic


  2. What is needed for antibody mediated immune responseEffector helper T-cells


  3. ethylene________ promotes fruit ripening?


  4. Do decomposers include certain bacteria and fungimonocytes


  5. What kind of alleles does a homozygote pair haveidentical


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