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  1. Copy Notification
  2. Letterhead
  3. GWAM
  4. Triple Spacing
  5. Outline
  1. a A supporting document in a reportL it is usually placed after the title page and before the first page of the report
  2. b (Gross Words A Minute) the number of keystrokes a typist can make in a timed period; can calculate by dividing the total number of words keyed by the number of minutes that the typist was timed
  3. c A special notification at the end of letter that indicates copies of letter was sent to the person(s) listed, usually noted by typing CC
  4. d the type of spacing where you would manually press the enter key three times and two blank lines would be between each keyed line
  5. e stationary that contains a company's name, address, phone/fax number and email address

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  1. a letter that is sent from one company or organization to another; a letter head is usually used on a business letter
  2. Short reports that are prepared without binders or covers
  3. a form of written correspondence within the same company or organization that contains guide words as the heading
  4. letter from an individual to a business
  5. the sender's address, is typed in a personal letter and is part of the letterhead in a business letter

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  1. Signature Linethe date the letter is written, spelled out, such as April 30, 2010, not 4-30-2010


  2. ErgonomicsThe study of designing equipment and workspace for a comfortable and safe working environment


  3. Inside Addressthe name and address of the person or company receiving the letter (also known as the mailing address)


  4. Envelopethe paper covering for a letter to be sent through the mail


  5. Double Spacingthe type of spacing where you would manually press the enter key two times and a blank line would be between each keyed line


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