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  1. traumatic needles
  2. tensile strength
  3. absorbable sutures
  4. electrocautery
  5. Dilating instruments
  1. a Dilators:used to enlarge openings like uterine cervix.
    Retractors: pull wound edges back.
    Speculums open things wider: nasal and vaginal.
  2. b amount of tension or pull, expressed in pounds that a suture strand can withstand before breaking
  3. c catgut, Vicryl, PDS II, used internally and are not removesd
  4. d cauterizes or seals off ends blood vessels using an instrument with a pencil-point sized source of electricity to burn the tissue
  5. e have eye, must be threaded with suture material, eye is bigger than needle so more traumatic to skin

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  1. a common injectable anesthesia. "-caine" indicates anesthesia.
  2. pt. name , dr's name, date and time of collection, body site or source, your initials (include requisition form)
  3. applied to the skin or sprayed on with short duration to allow piercing, lancing or injecting for patient comfort; ex: ethyl chloride spray, Emla patch
  4. go on after sterile short scrub; protects you and keeps sterility
  5. to cut into

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  1. incisional proceduresFrom largest to smallest 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 "aught", 1-0 or 0 or one-aught, 2-0 or 00 or two-aught, 3-0 or 000 or three-aught, 4-0 or 0000 or four-aught, 5-0 or 00000 or five-aught, 6-0 or 000000 or six-aught, 7-0 or 0000000 or seven-aught. The more zeros, the smaller the gauge.


  2. lock box instrumentsmust be sanitized, disinfected, sterilized for next time or disposed of if they were intended for single use.


  3. Hippocratesknown as the Father of Medicine, first to use boiled water to irrigate wounds (460 BC)


  4. medical asepsisdestroying transient microorganisms after they leave the body; hand washing, disinfecting surfaces in the exam room when patient leaves, sanitizing stethoscope, etc.


  5. contusiona type of closed wound, a bruise


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