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  1. absorbable sutures
  2. contusion
  3. sterile gloves
  4. labelling tissue sample
  5. traumatic needles
  1. a have eye, must be threaded with suture material, eye is bigger than needle so more traumatic to skin
  2. b catgut, Vicryl, PDS II, used internally and are not removesd
  3. c a type of closed wound, a bruise
  4. d go on after sterile short scrub; protects you and keeps sterility
  5. e pt. name , dr's name, date and time of collection, body site or source, your initials (include requisition form)

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  1. an area separate from the sterile field, but should be nearby; can turn your back on it, may have unopened sterile items and all items will at least be clean.
  2. a stitch or the act of sewing/stitching
  3. grasping or clamping: hemostatic forceps, tissue forceps, dressing or thumb forceps, sponge forceps, splinter forceps
  4. Signs inflammation has moved to infection: exudate, systemic heat, nausea, general malaise, function loss
  5. made from sheep historically, both are absorbable sutures. Chromic gut is treated with chromic salts and will last longer (up to 60 days)

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  1. medical asepsisdestroying transient microorganisms after they leave the body; hand washing, disinfecting surfaces in the exam room when patient leaves, sanitizing stethoscope, etc.


  2. inciseto cut into


  3. Post-op instrumentsmust be sanitized, disinfected, sterilized for next time or disposed of if they were intended for single use.


  4. incisional proceduresFrom largest to smallest 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 "aught", 1-0 or 0 or one-aught, 2-0 or 00 or two-aught, 3-0 or 000 or three-aught, 4-0 or 0000 or four-aught, 5-0 or 00000 or five-aught, 6-0 or 000000 or six-aught, 7-0 or 0000000 or seven-aught. The more zeros, the smaller the gauge.


  5. Purpose of suturingto approximate edges (bring edges together) speed healing, reduce scarring


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