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  1. absorbable sutures
  2. lock box instruments
  3. surgical asepsis
  4. suture
  5. Hippocrates
  1. a known as the Father of Medicine, first to use boiled water to irrigate wounds (460 BC)
  2. b a stitch or the act of sewing/stitching
  3. c preventing contact with all microorganisms before they can enter the body; no microbial life. Autoclaving surgical instruments, using sterile gloves, maintaining sterile field, sterile draping, etc.
  4. d catgut, Vicryl, PDS II, used internally and are not removesd
  5. e lock box is the hinge so it is on many grasping tools such as forceps and needle holders

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  1. to examine body cavities.
    scopes have lights: coloscope, bronchoscope, anoscope, endoscope.
    probes or sounds
  2. must be sterile (specifics in other flashcard set)
  3. requires higher heat 320 F, and longer exposure 3-4 hours; done in an autoclave, for easily corroding instruments like sharp blades or things that should not get wet.
  4. may be added to anesthesia, will have red labelling. It is a vasoconstrictor and should not be used on Pts with hypertension or on areas that are extremities. It's benefit is less bleeding during procedure.
  5. 5-6 minutes (each arm); hands, wrists, forearms, 2" above elbows; hands held up for rinsing; prevents bringing microorganisms from unwashed area; clean nails with brush after pick; use scrub brush for friction; dry with sterile towels; no lotion; sterile gloves for protection and sterility.

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  1. lidocaineto cut into


  2. inciseto cut into


  3. labelling tissue samplept. name , dr's name, date and time of collection, body site or source, your initials (include requisition form)


  4. incisional proceduresFrom largest to smallest 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 "aught", 1-0 or 0 or one-aught, 2-0 or 00 or two-aught, 3-0 or 000 or three-aught, 4-0 or 0000 or four-aught, 5-0 or 00000 or five-aught, 6-0 or 000000 or six-aught, 7-0 or 0000000 or seven-aught. The more zeros, the smaller the gauge.


  5. tensile strengthamount of tension or pull, expressed in pounds that a suture strand can withstand before breaking


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