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  1. infection
  2. electrocautery
  3. suture removal
  4. 10% formalin
  5. Purpose of suturing
  1. a to approximate edges (bring edges together) speed healing, reduce scarring
  2. b Signs inflammation has moved to infection: exudate, systemic heat, nausea, general malaise, function loss
  3. c used to preserve tissue for biopsies during transport to lab
  4. d cauterizes or seals off ends blood vessels using an instrument with a pencil-point sized source of electricity to burn the tissue
  5. e face, eyelid, eyebrow, nose, lip 3-5 days
    scalp 6-8 days
    chest, abdomen, penis 8-10 days
    ear, hand 10-14 days
    back, extremities, foot, joints 12-14 days (handout)

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  1. "not traumatic needles", no eye, minimizing trauma to skin, called "swaged" needles because the suture is pre-attached, usually curved
  2. lock box is the hinge so it is on many grasping tools such as forceps and needle holders
  3. preventing contact with all microorganisms before they can enter the body; no microbial life. Autoclaving surgical instruments, using sterile gloves, maintaining sterile field, sterile draping, etc.
  4. known as the Father of Medicine, first to use boiled water to irrigate wounds (460 BC)
  5. All communication to and from pt. prior to administering anesthesia. Also MUST ask about allergies prior to administering anesthesia.

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  1. minor surgical procedures done in officeare less complex than major; uses local vs. general anesthesia; is an office procedure vs. hospitalization. could include electrosurgery, laser surgery, microsurgery, or cryosurgery,


  2. Dilating instrumentsgrasping or clamping: hemostatic forceps, tissue forceps, dressing or thumb forceps, sponge forceps, splinter forceps


  3. minor surgical procedures performed in the medical officesuturing, cyst removal, incision and drainage of an abscess, collection of biopsies, vasectomy, arthroscopy, circumcision, teeth extraction, toenail removal, mole removal, needle biopsy, joint fluid aspiration, spinal tap, bone marrow aspiration


  4. surgical short scrub5-6 minutes (each arm); hands, wrists, forearms, 2" above elbows; hands held up for rinsing; prevents bringing microorganisms from unwashed area; clean nails with brush after pick; use scrub brush for friction; dry with sterile towels; no lotion; sterile gloves for protection and sterility.


  5. suturea stitch or the act of sewing/stitching


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