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  1. sterile gloves
  2. Size of sutures-uses
  3. on the side
  4. contusion
  5. traumatic needles
  1. a overall: smallest possible for face 7-0 ideally,
    higher for joints and higher tension areas or deep sutures more like 4-0 (handout)
  2. b an area separate from the sterile field, but should be nearby; can turn your back on it, may have unopened sterile items and all items will at least be clean.
  3. c have eye, must be threaded with suture material, eye is bigger than needle so more traumatic to skin
  4. d go on after sterile short scrub; protects you and keeps sterility
  5. e a type of closed wound, a bruise

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  1. face, eyelid, eyebrow, nose, lip 3-5 days
    scalp 6-8 days
    chest, abdomen, penis 8-10 days
    ear, hand 10-14 days
    back, extremities, foot, joints 12-14 days (handout)
  2. 5-6 minutes (each arm); hands, wrists, forearms, 2" above elbows; hands held up for rinsing; prevents bringing microorganisms from unwashed area; clean nails with brush after pick; use scrub brush for friction; dry with sterile towels; no lotion; sterile gloves for protection and sterility.
  3. to cut out of; surgical removal
  4. are less complex than major; uses local vs. general anesthesia; is an office procedure vs. hospitalization. could include electrosurgery, laser surgery, microsurgery, or cryosurgery,
  5. to examine body cavities.
    scopes have lights: coloscope, bronchoscope, anoscope, endoscope.
    probes or sounds

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  1. atraumatic needleshave eye, must be threaded with suture material, eye is bigger than needle so more traumatic to skin


  2. absorbable suturessilk, nylon, Dacron, cotton, stainless steel staples; used on body surface, must be removed


  3. 10% formalinused to preserve tissue for biopsies during transport to lab


  4. lock box instrumentsmust be sanitized, disinfected, sterilized for next time or disposed of if they were intended for single use.


  5. ligaturea stitch or the act of sewing/stitching


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