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  1. lidocaine
  2. surgical asepsis
  3. medically aseptic hand wash
  4. Purpose of suturing
  5. topical anesthesia
  1. a applied to the skin or sprayed on with short duration to allow piercing, lancing or injecting for patient comfort; ex: ethyl chloride spray, Emla patch
  2. b preventing contact with all microorganisms before they can enter the body; no microbial life. Autoclaving surgical instruments, using sterile gloves, maintaining sterile field, sterile draping, etc.
  3. c to approximate edges (bring edges together) speed healing, reduce scarring
  4. d 2-3 minutes; hands and wrists; hands held down for rinsing; pathogens loosened and carried away from hands and wrists; clean nails with pick; hands together for friction; dry with paper towels; lotion use ok; apply gloves for protection; (removes transient flora)
  5. e a common injectable anesthesia. "-caine" indicates anesthesia.

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  1. A. sterile saline 0.9% comes in 1. multiple dose vial for injections, 2 larger container for rinsing and irrigating wounds. B. sterile water comes in 1. multiple dose vial for use as diluent for mixing meds, 2. large container for rinsing instruments after chemical disinfection.
  2. From largest to smallest 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 "aught", 1-0 or 0 or one-aught, 2-0 or 00 or two-aught, 3-0 or 000 or three-aught, 4-0 or 0000 or four-aught, 5-0 or 00000 or five-aught, 6-0 or 000000 or six-aught, 7-0 or 0000000 or seven-aught. The more zeros, the smaller the gauge.
  3. known as the Father of Medicine, first to use boiled water to irrigate wounds (460 BC)
  4. silk, nylon, Dacron, cotton, stainless steel staples; used on body surface, must be removed
  5. a stitch or the act of sewing/stitching

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  1. inciseto cut out of; surgical removal


  2. bandageto cut into


  3. 10% formalina common injectable anesthesia. "-caine" indicates anesthesia.


  4. anesthesia and pt. medical history.requires higher heat 320 F, and longer exposure 3-4 hours; done in an autoclave, for easily corroding instruments like sharp blades or things that should not get wet.


  5. minor surgical procedures done in officesuturing, cyst removal, incision and drainage of an abscess, collection of biopsies, vasectomy, arthroscopy, circumcision, teeth extraction, toenail removal, mole removal, needle biopsy, joint fluid aspiration, spinal tap, bone marrow aspiration


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