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  1. use of a longer phrasing in place of a possible shorter form of expression
  2. of the gums or other tissues surrounding the teeth
  3. 1:the point in the orbit of an object (as a satellite) orbiting the earth that is nearest to the center of the earth
    2:the point nearest a planet or a satellite (as the moon) reached by an object orbiting
  4. the bag made of membrane that surrounds the heart
  5. at regular intervals; from time to time

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  1. peri-around


  2. peripatetica sudden or unexpected reversal of circumstances or situation especially in a literary work


  3. peristalsissuccessive waves of involuntary contraction passing along the walls of a hollow muscular structure (as the esophagus or intestine) and forcing the contents onward


  4. peripheral visionall that is visible to the eye outside the central area of focus; side vision


  5. periscopean instrument, consisting of mirrors and a tube, that allows the viewer to see things above or otherwise out of sight


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