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  1. Key indicator of population confidence in security forces and in the long term the viability of the counterinsurgency effort
  2. Physical components and structures of the system
  3. Limit between the insurgent movement and its environment
  4. Waste products or results that emerge from insurgent action
  5. Ecosystems that have adaptational evolutionary dynamics
  6. Increase in the willingness of moderate Muslims to speak out as a key measure of the effectiveness of disaggregation.

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  1. Insurgencies as SystemsEcosystems that have adaptational evolutionary dynamics


  2. Measures of EffectivenessBasic language training, understanding cultural norms and expectations, understanding how local populations and insurgents think.


  3. InputsEnergy and matter the insurgency takes up from its environment


  4. InitiativeFinal measure of effectiveness, relates to which side holds the ________ in the war


  5. Cultural UnderstandingHighest level of cultural capability, ability to use culture as a tool in an insurgent system


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