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  1. berkenalan
  2. keperluan laki-laki saja
  3. tetap di dalam rumah
  4. dibolehkan
  5. berkehendak bebas
  1. a to be allowed
  2. b wish to be free
  3. c only the needs of men
  4. d stay inside the house
  5. e to get to know (someone)

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  1. not dependent
  2. following generations
  3. restraints of tradition
  4. into pingitan
  5. respect

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  1. mengembangankan kesempatanexpand opportunities


  2. tidak boleh begaul bebaswish to be free


  3. adat kebiasaan yang buruknormal traditions which are bad


  4. surat-menyurat dengan Stellanot dependent


  5. pada zaman ituto get to know (someone)


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