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  1. 6 main norms "Miller" argued
  2. members of stigmatized groups who are costly to scoiety. (welfare recipents)
  3. The state of weakend norms?
  4. accept the label of deviant-play the role
    (What type of deviance)
  5. Conflict theorist believe key issue is not the deviant act, but ___________certain acts as deviant
  1. a Secondary Deviance
  2. b 1.trouble
  3. c anomie
  4. d who defines
  5. e social junk

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  1. -Family
    -Criminal Justice System
    -Court System
  2. degree of seriousness
  3. Deterrent
  4. 1.clarifies rules
    2.unites the group
    3.promotes social change
  5. External mechanisms

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  1. Criminology-the study of __________and_________?Crime
    Criminal Justice System


  2. Under Differntial association, criminal behavior is ____?Learned


  3. Fuctionalism- crime results from rapid ___________ and lack of ______________?Crime
    Criminal Justice System


  4. What are the two mechanisms of social control?1.Strain Theory
    2.Rational Choice Theory
    3.Labeling Theory
    4.Differential Association (Social Learning Theory)
    5.Social Control/social Bonding Theory


  5. Social Agents do what?Exert pressure


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