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SOC CHPT 6 Criminal Deviance Test

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  1. Under Differntial association, criminal behavior is ____?
  2. Fuctionalism- crime results from rapid ___________ and lack of ______________?
  3. What breaks ties?
  4. members of stigmatized groups who are costly to scoiety. (welfare recipents)
  5. _____________ is the practice social groups develop in order to encourage _____________ to norms,laws, and to discourage_________?
  1. a -social control
  2. b social junk
  3. c -social change
    -social intergration
  4. d -weakend family structure
    -loss of community
    -lack of good role models
  5. e Learned

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  1. Conflict Theory of Deviance
  2. 1.trouble
  3. capitalism
  4. Deterrent
  5. Social Learning Theory

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  1. Examples of Deviance...?-Family
    -Criminal Justice System
    -Court System


  2. Examples of Social Agents?-Family
    -Criminal Justice System
    -Court System


  3. Some one who accepts the label placed on them and begins to act accordingly practices the ___________ theory.Labeling


  4. Legal system biased against poor
    (Theory of Deviance or Conflict Theory of Deviance)
    Primary Deviant


  5. Rational Choice Theory- a person weighs the _________ of the crimnal behavior & determines the benifits __________ the risk.Learned


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