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  1. _________ refer to the societal pressures to conform to rules
  2. members of stigmatized groups who are costly to scoiety. (welfare recipents)
  3. Rational Choice Theory- a person weighs the _________ of the crimnal behavior & determines the benifits __________ the risk.
  4. _____________ is the practice social groups develop in order to encourage _____________ to norms,laws, and to discourage_________?
  5. accept the label of deviant-play the role
    (What type of deviance)
  1. a -cost/benifits
  2. b Secondary Deviance
  3. c social junk
  4. d -social control
  5. e External mechanisms

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  1. Strain Theory
  2. Crime
    Criminal Justice System
  3. Exert pressure
  4. -Family
    -Criminal Justice System
    -Court System
  5. -weakend family structure
    -loss of community
    -lack of good role models

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  1. When people internalize norms and base their behavior pattern to conform to them this is called ....?External mechanisms


  2. What are the two mechanisms of social control?1.Strain Theory
    2.Rational Choice Theory
    3.Labeling Theory
    4.Differential Association (Social Learning Theory)
    5.Social Control/social Bonding Theory


  3. Conflict theorist believe key issue is not the deviant act, but ___________certain acts as deviantwho defines


  4. Frequently associate with individuals who are more favorable toward deviance than conformity is an example of what theory?Social Learning Theory


  5. Law defines and controls two groups of people.
    (Theory of Deviance or Conflict Theory of Deviance)
    Conflict Theory of Deviance


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