Wordly Wise Lesson 12

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synonym:licentiousness, recklessness
antonym: restraint, self-restraint

v.1 to give up by leaving in time of danger.
The captain gave the order to abandon ship when it began to sink.
2. to lose or give up completely.
The trapped miners refused to abondon hope of recuse.
3. to withdraw help or support from one in need.
the city had to abandon its plan for low-income housing because people in the neighboorhoods objected.

synonym:attacker, bad person
antonym:ally, assistant

n. An enemy or opponent.
France and Germany were adveseryies in tow wars but now enjoy frendly relations.

synonym:puzzle, throw off
antonym:clear up, explain

v. To confuse to prevent from understanding.
Alice was baffled by thir inappropriate behavior and didn't know how to responed.

synonym:error, fault
antonym:accuracy, correction, fix, restitution

n.A stupid or careless mistake.
The campaign manager's prejudiced comment was a major blunder that cost him his job.
v.1.To make such a mistake.
The chess champion blundered when she failed to protect her knight from her opponent's bishop.
2.To move in a clumsy or careless way.
The Sheriff of Nottingham blundered into the trap Robin Hood had set for him.

synonym:gigantic, huge
antonym:small, teeny, tiny

adj.Very big; enormous.
The colossal size of the Great Wall is what impressed the tourists most.

synonym:ascertain, catch
antonym:miss, not see, overlook

v.To discover something not easily noticed.
The witness did not detect anything unusual that day.

synonym:boost, bring
antonym:repel, repulse

v.To pull or carry with effort.
We haul the boat out of the water every winter.
n.1.The amount caught or taken at one time.
he crew was delighted with the large haul of fish today.
2.The distance traveled or to be traveled.
It's a long haul into town.

synonym:bear down, beat down
antonym:surrender, yield

v.To get the better of; to defeat.
The thieves overpowered the guards and left them tied up in the hall.

synonym:be glad, be overjoyed
antonym:be sad

v.To be very happy.
Family members rejoiced when they heard that members of the Mount Everest expedition had returned safely.

synonym:dig at, disbelieve,
antonym:be nice, praise

v.To mock; to ridicule.
People once scoffed at the idea of space travel.

synonym:doorkeeper, guard
antonym: -

n.One who keeps watch or guards a point of entry.
Sentinels were posted to warn of the enemy's approach.

synonym:barricade, blank wall

n.The surrounding of a place in order to force it to surrender.
The siege of Leningrad by the German army lasted from 1941 to 1944.

synonym:harmful, hurtful
antonym:benevolent, kind, nice

adj.Suggesting or leading to evil or harm.
The villain's sinister words, "I'll be back!" sent shivers down our spines.

synonym:champ, champion

n.The winner in a contest or struggle.
The victors of the semifinal competition will meet in the finals tomorrow.
victorious adj.Successful in a contest or battle.
The victorious debate team was honored at a ceremony attended by the mayor.

synonym:adversity, affliction
antonym:happiness, joy

n.1.Deep distress or misery.
The slaves' woe was evident as they were led off to captivity.
2.Trouble; misfortune.
woeful adj.1.Full of woe; unhappy.
Those fleeing the country told a woeful tale of persecution by its rulers.
2.Very bad; wretched.
The pilot made a woeful error in judgment by trying to land in dense fog.

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