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  1. *activist approach
  2. *class action suit
  3. *political question
  4. *federal question cases
  5. *judicial review
  1. a Cases concerning the Constitution, federal laws, or treaties.
  2. b An issue the Supreme Court will allow the executive and legislative branches to decide.
  3. c The view that judges should discern the general principles underlying laws or the Constitution and apply them to modern circumstances.
  4. d A case brought by someone to help him or her and all others who are similarly situated.
  5. e The power of courts to declare acts of the legislature and the executive unconstitutional.

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  1. The view that judges should decide cases strictly on the basis of the language of the laws and the Constitution.
  2. A brief submitted by a "friend of the court."
  3. "Let the decision stand," or allowing prior rulings to control the current case.
  4. A signed opinion in which one or more of the justices disagree with the majority view.
  5. A federal court authorized by Article III of the Constitution that keeps judges in office during good behavior and prevents their salaries from being reduced. They are the Supreme Court (created by the Constitution) and appellate and district courts created by Congress.

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  1. *plaintiffThe party that initiates a lawsuit.


  2. *standingA legal rule stating who is authorized to start a lawsuit.


  3. *in forma pauperisThe lowest federal courts; federal trials can be held only here.


  4. *dual sovereigntyThe rule that a citizen cannot sue the government without the government's consent.


  5. *diversity casesThe lowest federal courts; federal trials can be held only here.


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