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  1. oxidizes
  2. tap water
  3. tumor
  4. mole
  5. telangiectasis
  1. a dilated capillaries (surface blood vessels) caused by age, tobacco, sun exposure and environment
  2. b a spot or blemish spot on the skin that requires medical attention if there is a change is a
  3. c an abnormal cell mass resulting from excessive multiplication of cells and varying in size, shape, and color is a
  4. d suprisingly, a very common salon irritant is
  5. e sebum from a comedo exposed to the environment turns black and

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  1. which type of lesions develops in the later stages of a disease?
  2. a dry scaly skin condition due to a deficiency or absence of sebum caused by old age or exposure to the cold is
  3. daily moisturizers or protective lotions should have a sunscreen with an SPF of at least
  4. wrinkling and sagging of the skin are caused by weakening collagen fibers and
  5. a fatty or sebaceous cyst

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  1. histaminesabnormal brown or wine-colored skin discoloration with a circular and irregular shape is a


  2. staindandruff is an example of a _____________


  3. albinismthe absence of melanin pigment from the body and skin sensitivity to light are signs of


  4. seborrheic dermatitisan inflammation of the sebaceous glands characterized by dry or oily crusting or itchiness is


  5. acneskin discoloration, spot neither raised nor sunken; like a freckle


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