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  1. steatoma
  2. acne
  3. ulcer
  4. papule
  5. lesion
  1. a a chronic skin condition characterized by inflammation of the sebaceous glands is
  2. b an open lesion on the skin
  3. c a fatty or sebaceous cyst
  4. d a mark on the skin
  5. e a small circumscribed elevation of the skin that contains no fluid but may develop pus is a

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  1. chronic inflammation of the sebaceous glands
  2. a crack in the dermis
  3. ______________are small white bumps under the epidermis; resembles sesame seeds
  4. a spot or blemish spot on the skin that requires medical attention if there is a change is a
  5. UVB rays contribute to the body's synthesis of vitamin D and other important

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  1. herpes simplexThe signs of aging are influenced by factors such as the sun, health habits, lifestyle, and:


  2. miliakeratin-filled cysts that appear just under the epidermis and have no visible openings are


  3. tumorblister containing watery fluid


  4. psoriasischaracterized by silver white scales covering red patches found on the elbow, scalp, knees, chest and lower back


  5. tap watersuprisingly, a very common salon irritant is


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