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  1. steatoma
  2. oxidizes
  3. bulla
  4. scar or cicatrix
  5. albinism
  1. a sebum from a comedo exposed to the environment turns black and
  2. b the absence of melanin pigment from the body and skin sensitivity to light are signs of
  3. c a fatty or sebaceous cyst
  4. d blister containing watery fluid
  5. e light-colored, slightly raised mark on the skin formed after an injury or lesion

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  1. wrinkling and sagging of the skin are caused by weakening collagen fibers and
  2. an inflamed pimple containing pus
  3. dandruff is an example of a _____________
  4. an abnormal cell mass resulting from excessive multiplication of cells and varying in size, shape, and color is a
  5. the UVA rays that are deep-penetrating and can go through a glass window are

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  1. mineralsUVB rays contribute to the body's synthesis of vitamin D and other important


  2. maculea pimple that contains no fluid but can develop pus


  3. malignant melanomaa fatty or sebaceous cyst


  4. 3 types: primary, secondary and tertiaryhow many types of lesions are there? and what are their names?


  5. papuleskin discoloration, spot neither raised nor sunken; like a freckle


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