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  1. milia
  2. ulcer
  3. stain
  4. pustule
  5. acne
  1. a chronic inflammation of the sebaceous glands
  2. b an open lesion on the skin
  3. c ______________are small white bumps under the epidermis; resembles sesame seeds
  4. d abnormal brown or wine-colored skin discoloration with a circular and irregular shape is a
  5. e an inflamed pimple containing pus

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  1. blackheads....aka____________are filled with keratin and sebum
  2. an abnormal cell mass resulting from excessive multiplication of cells and varying in size, shape, and color is a
  3. a spot or blemish spot on the skin that requires medical attention if there is a change is a
  4. keratin-filled cysts that appear just under the epidermis and have no visible openings are
  5. the UV rays of the sun reach the skin in two different forms, which are

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  1. inflamed skin disordera salon should not service a client who is suffering from a


  2. 80 to 85%The percentage of skin aging that is caused by the rays of the sun is approximately:


  3. dandruffa scab


  4. hereditya thick scar resulting from excessive growth of tissue


  5. fissurean inflamed pimple containing pus


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