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  1. aggravate
  2. stamina
  3. volition
  4. currency
  5. craft
  1. a strength; vigor; endurance
  2. b make worse; worsen; intensify
  3. c something in circulation as a medium of exchange; money; coin; bank notes
  4. d act of willing or choosing; will; choice
  5. e skill; art; trade

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  1. spotless; without a stain; absolutely clean; unblemished
  2. having to do with the country (as distinguished from the city or town)
  3. turn aside through fear; discourage; hinder; keep back
  4. (1) safety; protection
    (2) measures taken to assure against attack, crime, sabotage, etc
  5. interference; interposition

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  1. craftysly; cunning


  2. quintetgroup of five


  3. abate(1) become less; decrease; diminish; let up
    (2) make less; reduce; moderate


  4. interveneinterference; interposition


  5. belligerentfond of fighting; warlike; combative


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