World War II

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Failure of the league of nations

no armed forces
protection of minorities failes
Italy bombing cities
Germany rising up

Japanese invasion of manchuria

railway explosion
japan blamed china
Japan occupied manchuria until after WWII

Italian invasion of ethiopia

"New Roman Empire"
Superior weaponry
mustard gas
"It is us today, it will be you tomorrow." -Haile Selassie
Fascists abolish slavery

Slavery Civil War

republicans (USSR) vs. Nationalists (italy/germany)
nationalists victorious
Francisco Franco took control

Germany makes their move

Germany took austria and then chzechoslovakia
Hitler, reprimanded, declares that chzechoslovakia is his last demand and that he won't go any further.


Neville chamberlain is prime minister of great britain

Germany occupied half of poland

what happened september 1, 1939

War is declared on Germany

What happened september 3, 1939

Axis powers

germany, italy, japan

Allied powers

Great britain
United states

Battle of britain

German air force dropped bombs
royal air force used radar to detect the german air force.


what was the german air force called?

The blitz

London bombed 57 nights in a row and many many many people died.

Pearl Harbor

December 7, 1941.
Naval base in Hawaii
Prime minister Hideki Tojo
180 War planes
"A day that will live in infamy."

Japan attacks

Pearl Harbor
Prime minister Hideki Tojo wants to control islands in the Pacific ocean
U.S. protested and protected the pacific islands and cut off oil to japan.

Battle of Midway

Pacific theatre
Japan vs. U.S.
Japan planned to trap U.S. aircrafts
U.S. used Navajo code breakers to figure out the smoke signalls
U.S. ambush
Japan weakened


1942 - 1943
germany invades the USSR
casualties around 2 million
another turning point of war
germany surrounded, starved, and cold.

El Alamein

allies successful
axis powers lose oil, suez canal access, occupation of egypt

The Final Solution

Known to us as the holocaust
Nazi death camps
6 million Jews murdered along with Christians, gypsies, and anyone hitler deemed "unworthy"
gas, poison experiments, burned alive, etc.


June 6th, 1944
normandy beaches stormed by allied troops
U.S. Britain, Canadian
Allies successful

Manhattan project

the atomic bomv
tested in New Mexico
ethics tested
targets without warning

Hiroshima and Nagasaki

little boy on hiroshima
3 days later
fat man on nagasaki
200,000 people died by years end
war officially over september 2nd, 1945


Yalta conference
stalin, roosevelt, churchill
terms for peace
league of nations became UN
general assemble
11 states, 5 permanent
mussolini executed.

The five permanent states

U.S., China, France, Britain, UK

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