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  1. Toussaint L'Ouverture
  2. Marat
  3. Danton
  4. tabula rasa
  5. James II
  1. a Steps up to lead Haitian revolution
  2. b Big mouth
  3. c Humans without info at birth (nurture)
  4. d Absolutist, Charles' brother tolerated only catholic
  5. e Angry Journalist

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  1. Against tourture and death
  2. Virtue the same for men and women
  3. Enlightenmet thinker, wrote "Philosophical Letters"
  4. explains philosophy of what humans know
  5. How do structures + institutions shape laws? What Spirit characterized different forms of government?

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  1. AbsolutismOne complete ruler


  2. Philosophical LettersReligious + political liberties of Brittish


  3. MontesquieuFrench Aristocrat, wrote "The Spirit of the Laws


  4. GalileoEnlightenmet thinker, wrote "Philosophical Letters"


  5. EnlightenmentPower of human reason, need to check authority


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