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  1. Voltaire
  2. Montesquieu
  3. Johannes Kepler
  4. Heliocentric
  5. Essay Concerning Human Understanding
  1. a Enlightenmet thinker, wrote "Philosophical Letters"
  2. b explains philosophy of what humans know
  3. c Planets revolve around sun
  4. d French Aristocrat, wrote "The Spirit of the Laws
  5. e Says: Math = Language of god, designed three laws of planetary motion

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  1. Humans without info at birth (nurture)
  2. Meeting with voting from all three estates
  3. Angry Journalist
  4. Against tourture and death
  5. Made Inductive method

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  1. BeccariaHumanist, wrote "on crimes and punishments"


  2. Mary WollstonecraftMen born free everywhere but he is in chains


  3. The Spirit of the LawsMen born free everywhere but he is in chains


  4. Isaac NewtonBig mouth


  5. RousseauSlave killed in battle


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