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  1. Rousseau
  2. Beccaria
  3. Marat
  4. On Crimes and Punishments
  5. Charles II
  1. a Angry Journalist
  2. b Attacked privilege, wrote "The Social Contract"
  3. c Humanist, wrote "on crimes and punishments"
  4. d English Absolutist, tolerated diff religions
  5. e Against tourture and death

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  1. Declaration made by the national assembly
  2. Made Inductive method
  3. French Pallace
  4. French Absolutist King, enforced catholic
  5. Declares that Earth Moves

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  1. The Spirit of the LawsMen born free everywhere but he is in chains


  2. Jean-Jacques DessalinesSlave general took over after Toussaint


  3. AbsolutismOne complete ruler


  4. Essay Concerning Human Understandingexplains philosophy of what humans know


  5. The Social ContractPlanets revolve around sun


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