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  1. Heliocentric
  2. Estates General
  3. Jean-Jacques Dessalines
  4. Diderot
  5. Johannes Kepler
  1. a Wrote the Encyclopedia
  2. b Planets revolve around sun
  3. c Says: Math = Language of god, designed three laws of planetary motion
  4. d Meeting with voting from all three estates
  5. e Slave general took over after Toussaint

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  1. Made Inductive method
  2. One complete ruler
  3. Declares that Earth Moves
  4. Steps up to lead Haitian revolution
  5. Attacked privilege, wrote "The Social Contract"

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  1. Immanuel KantHumans without info at birth (nurture)


  2. William and MaryInvaded england to preserve protastantism, take throne


  3. DantonBig mouth


  4. MaratBig mouth


  5. Mary WollstonecraftMen born free everywhere but he is in chains


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