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  1. Glorious Revolution
  2. On Crimes and Punishments
  3. Immanuel Kant
  4. Galileo
  5. Voltaire
  1. a Against tourture and death
  2. b Enlightenmet thinker, wrote "Philosophical Letters"
  3. c Enlightenment thinker, wrote "Answer to the Question, What is the Enlightenment?"
  4. d Bloodless, James flees, Will+Mary take throne Act of Toleration + Act of Succession
  5. e Made Telescope, "dialogue concerning the two chief world systems"

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  1. English Absolutist, tolerated diff religions
  2. Enlightenment thinker, wrote: "Essay Concerning Human Understanding"
  3. Wrote the Encyclopedia
  4. Steps up to lead Haitian revolution
  5. One complete ruler

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  1. William and MaryEnlightenment thinker, wrote "Answer to the Question, What is the Enlightenment?"


  2. HeliocentricHumanist, wrote "on crimes and punishments"


  3. Estates GeneralSays: Math = Language of god, designed three laws of planetary motion


  4. MontesquieuAbsolutist, Charles' brother tolerated only catholic


  5. RousseauAttacked privilege, wrote "The Social Contract"


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