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  1. Danton
  2. Mary Wollstonecraft
  3. Charles II
  4. Toussaint L'Ouverture
  5. Philosophical Letters
  1. a English Absolutist, tolerated diff religions
  2. b Disagrees with Rousseau wrote, "A vindication of the rights of woman"
  3. c Steps up to lead Haitian revolution
  4. d Religious + political liberties of Brittish
  5. e Big mouth

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  1. Slave killed in battle
  2. Made Telescope, "dialogue concerning the two chief world systems"
  3. explains philosophy of what humans know
  4. Invaded england to preserve protastantism, take throne
  5. French Pallace

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  1. RousseauSlave killed in battle


  2. MontesquieuFrench Aristocrat, wrote "The Spirit of the Laws


  3. Immanuel KantEnlightenment thinker, wrote "Answer to the Question, What is the Enlightenment?"


  4. On Crimes and PunishmentsAgainst tourture and death


  5. HeliocentricHumanist, wrote "on crimes and punishments"


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