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  1. Mary Wollstonecraft
  2. Rousseau
  3. Philosophical Letters
  4. Immanuel Kant
  5. The Social Contract
  1. a Attacked privilege, wrote "The Social Contract"
  2. b Enlightenment thinker, wrote "Answer to the Question, What is the Enlightenment?"
  3. c Religious + political liberties of Brittish
  4. d Disagrees with Rousseau wrote, "A vindication of the rights of woman"
  5. e Men born free everywhere but he is in chains

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  1. Enlightenment thinker, wrote: "Essay Concerning Human Understanding"
  2. Made Inductive method
  3. Wrote the Encyclopedia
  4. Says: Math = Language of god, designed three laws of planetary motion
  5. One complete ruler

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  1. Charles IIAbsolutist, Charles' brother tolerated only catholic


  2. VersaillesFrench Pallace


  3. HeliocentricPlanets revolve around sun


  4. Essay Concerning Human Understandingexplains philosophy of what humans know


  5. The Spirit of the LawsHow do structures + institutions shape laws? What Spirit characterized different forms of government?


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