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Arteries and Veins Photo Quiz Test

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  1. Right external jugular vein
  2. Right fibular artery
  3. Hepatic vein
  4. Superior mesenteric artery
  5. Left common iliac vein
  1. a
    Name this vein.
  2. b
    Name this vein.
  3. c
    Name this artery.
  4. d
    Name this vein.
  5. e
    Name this artery.

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. Name this artery.

  2. Name this vein.

  3. Name this vein.

  4. Name this artery.

5 True/False Questions

  1. Left posterior tibial artery
    Name this artery.


  2. Left femoral artery


  3. Right great saphenous vein
    Name this vein.


  4. Right gonadal vein
    Name this vein.


  5. Right popliteal vein
    Name this vein.


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